Duct Air Quality Sensors

Duct Air Quality Sensors
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Label:Air Quality Sensors , siemens , QPM2102
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Product Description

• With maintenance-free CO2 sensing element based on optical infrared absorption
measurement (NDIR1)
• and – depending on the type of sensor – VOC2) sensing element, based on a
heated tin dioxide semiconductor
• CO2 temperature and CO2 humidity-temperature multisensor
• No recalibrations required
• Operating voltage AC 24 V or DC 15…35 V
• Signal outputs DC 0...10 V

In air ducts of ventilation and air conditioning plant to enhance room comfort and to
optimize energy consumption by providing demand-controlled ventilation. The sensor
• CO2 concentrations
• VOC concentrations as an indication of odors in the duct air, such as tobacco smoke,
body odor, or material fumes
• The relative humidity of the duct air
• The duct air temperature
The QPM21… can be used as a:
• Control sensor in the supply or extract air duct
• Transmitter for building automation and control systems and / or display units
Typical use:
• Acquisition of CO2 and VOC concentrations:
In party rooms, lounges, fair pavillions and exhibition halls, restaurants, canteens,
shopping malls, sports gymnasiums, sales rooms, and conference rooms
• Acquisition of CO2 concentrations:
In ventilation plant of rooms with varying occupancy levels where smoking is prohibited, such as museums, theatres, movie theatres, auditoriums, office spaces and
school rooms

• The QPM21… sensors are not suited for use as safety devices, such as gas or
smoke warning devices!
• The sensors must not be used outdoors!

Type reference CO2 measuring range VOC sensitivity Temperature measuring range Humidity measuring range Measured value display
QPM2100                    0…2000 ppm   ---  ---  --- no
QPM2102              0…2000 ppm low (R1) Normal (R2) High(R3)  ---  --- no
QPM2102D  0…2000 ppm low (R1) Normal (R2) High(R3)  ---  --- yes
QPM2160    0…2000 ppm  ---  0...50 °C / −35...+35 °C  --- no
QPM2160D      0…2000 ppm  ---  0...50 °C / −35...+35 °C  --- yes
QPM2162          0…2000 ppm  ---  0...50 °C / −35...+35 °C 0---100% no
QPM2162D       0…2000 ppm  ---  0...50 °C / −35...+35 °C 0---100% yes
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Duct Air Quality Sensors 1

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