Rubber tube auto cutting machine

Rubber tube auto cutting machine
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Product Description

Rubber tube automatic cutting machine
Technical parameters:

The Model: HZX-100 the HZX-120, HZX-160 HZX-200, HZX-300

1 Power: 220V 50/60HZ

Cut length: 0.1 ----- 9999.9

Cutting width: HZX-100mm HZX-120mm HZX-160mm HZX-200mm HZX-280mm

4 Weight: 30KG

Specifications: L * W * H L360 * W300 * H350 mm



* High-speed feeding, PC pipe cutting machine by the microcomputer program control accuracy of 0.1

* Adjustable cutter speed, full Chinese LCD

* Continuously adjustable length and speed of any

* Automatic grouping accumulated and the total cumulative count

* The bulk suspended and the delay time can be set

* Automatic shutdown of the lack of material, unattended

* Automatic cut cut a variety of tubular, ribbon material;

* High-speed stepper motor precisely control the length of the pipe cutting; tape length, speed adjustable;

* Cutter protection; total number set; divided the set; divided pause time adjustable;

* Available in a variety of manual operation, ease of deb ing;

* The intuitively Chinese of computer pipe cutting machine LCD large screen display, operation simple and convenient;

Using a dedicated mechanical structure and special tools, together with dedicated software control to solve the problems of other manufacturers of silicone tube incision uneven. Reach incision level, length of the quasi-

Scope: widely applied in electronic industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, electrical appliances, motors, toys, transformers and other industries, Velcro, cotton belt, elastic band, plastic belt, zipper, PVC casing, heat shrink tubing, silicone tube, glass fiber tube, Teflon tube, cable, wire, conductive fabric / foam, battery separators, nickel plate diffusion plate, reflective film, double-sided tape, Mylar, insulating paper, PE, copper / aluminum foil cable, release paper shear copper, aluminum, plastic sheet, heat shrink tubing, PVC pipe, infusion tube, insulation paper, mica sheet, adhesive paper, electrodes, conductive fabric / foam, double-sided tape , heat shrink tubing, nickel plate, pole piece, very ears, insulating paper, Mylar film, barley paper, Pakistan fast paper, polyimide tape (KAPTON), copper / aluminum foil, a variety of sheet metal, cable, small wire, Velcro, with class, etc. Gapping cut used shears similar products, the price is the lowest and most stable performance and the most convenient operation, has won the praise of users! Is the ideal, most affordable device of choice!

Warranty period: Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, China's Xin independently developed a dedicated computer pipe cutting machine motion control system applicable to various industries equipment fixed-length cutting whole year warranty, after-sales service permanently.

Company Name: Shenzhen Hua Xin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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