Fruit and vegetable vacuum cooling equipment

Fruit and vegetable vacuum cooling equipment
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Product Description

1 Dachang vacuum ( vegetable pre-cooling fresh ) equipment out of routine vegetables processing method, the rapid refrigerating vegetables can achieve rapid cooling vacuum fresh-keeping, within half an hour the vacuum condition can kill bacteria and vegetables in worms, in vacuum critical point rainy and humid conditions, can adjust the water retention of fresh vegetables the fresh-keeping machine each time, can handle 1000-6000 kg of vegetables, can handle every day 20-120 tons, the Chang of vacuum preservation machine processed vegetables can enter the vegetable preservation library, and can prolong the vegetable fresh-keeping period of 1 months above.

2 by this equipment processing of vegetable preservation period lengthen, make vegetable logistics method diversification, vegetable base can also be more large-scale production, a lot of vegetables production, through the vacuum pre-cooling, according to market supply and demand slowly selling vegetables, the maximum extension of the shelf life of vegetables, the vegetables fresh hand a revolutionary breakthrough.

3 vacuum pre-cooling equipment is only a cooling processing equipment, not storage equipment. It uses just let things quickly cooled to a set temperature ( at the same time taking fruit and vegetable internal ethylene, acetaldehyde, ethanol part and other harmful gases ), and then from the equipment, items removed. Vacuum pre cooling of fresh fruit and vegetables in a dormant state. The vitality of the recovery needs time to process, this process is the preservation period.

4 fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, edible fungus and so on Postharvest Horticultural Products easily degenerate decay and commercial value is lost, vacuum precooling and storage technology and equipment is designed to prevent the fresh vegetables, fruits, edible fungus and other fresh crops in Postharvest refrigerated transport processes in freshness and quality drop design. The basic principle is that the Postharvest vegetable & fruit, and other edible fungi is placed in a vacuum processing tank, under low pressure water from the surface evaporation, the evaporation to obtain the latent heat of evaporation, so as to make the object to be processed rapidly and uniformly cooling effect. After vacuum treatment, can be in 30 minutes or so quickly and uniformly to 0 degrees around the optimum storage temperature, reduce decay, prolonging the preservation period and shelf life. At the same time, with my company production of constant temperature and humidity decompression chamber, can effectively keep ( leafy vegetables 70 days of fresh degree )

The 5 cooling speed, generally only 20-30 minutes to reach desired refrigerated temperature, and common cold storage cooling needs 10-12 hours, or even longer. So it can be adopted after the first elimination of vegetables, fruits, flowers and edible fungus field heat, the heat preservation is fatal.

6 uniform cooling, vacuum pre-cooling can make by fresh appearance and nuclear cooling rapidly, from outside to inside almost at the same time to reach the required temperature, to avoid the traditional cold and hot cold, center temperature is decreased rapidly, resulting in horticultural products respiratory heat cohesion and fresh degree drop phenomenon.

7 articles on the original sensory and quality ( color, flavor and nutrients ) best kept, but also can improve the quality of some of the items.

8 by the vacuum fresh-keeping processing the surface of fruits and vegetables green Ying, can effectively control the humidity, not refrigerated surface in mild dehydration phenomenon, and inhibition of blossom, prevent yellowing inhibition of food body incision, bending and other unique effect.

9 by the preservation of fruits and vegetables, edible fungus freshness, color and taste better, and vacuum processing clean, sanitary, long preservation time, market sale price high.

10, harvest fruits and vegetables or water washed fruits can also be treated quickly, avoid the heat phenomenon of fruits and vegetables, can also remove a portion of the surface of the water, favorable preservation.

11 can be matched with air conditioning, achieve high difficulty preservation.

12 extremely applicable to fresh vegetables, high-grade vegetables, food, wild vegetables, mushroom, Pleurotus geesteranus, mushrooms and other edible fungus, high-grade fruit and vegetable supermarket clean keeping fresh with the fruit and vegetable processing.

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