Vacuum refrigerating fresh-keeping warehouse

Vacuum refrigerating fresh-keeping warehouse
Brand:Dachang vacuum equipment company
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Food, Beverage & Cereal Machine
Label:Vacuum refrigerating , Vacuum fresh-keeping , Vacuum fresh-keeping
Price: ¥100000 / pc
Min. Order:1 pc
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Product Description

World's advanced level of technology of hypobaric storage library was born!

---DC06 decompression of refrigeratory of 1 main performance throughout the 24 hours of continuous vacuum pumping, continuous ventilation throughout the 24 hours of continuous ventilation under pressure in the vacuum chamber can be regulated at a certain value, the lowest pressure can be maintained at around 600Pa·24 hours supply low pressure wet fresh air·PLC and touch screen control·convenient lifting and transportation. On the ground as a library, put in the car as a " mobile "·5 kinds of work modes for selection mode 1 -- pressure temperature + humidity and ventilation mode 2 -- pressure temperature + ventilation ( lack of humidity ) model 3 -- pressure temperature + humidity ( lack of ventilation) mode 4 -- pressure and temperature ( lack of humidity, ventilation) model 5 -- pressure ( temperature, humidity, lack of ventilation ) 2 main technical parameters of 2m3··available volume vacuum chamber size ( length * width * height) 1020*1380*1455 mm, gate size ( width * height ) 690*1345 mm·vacuum chamber the low pressure 200Pa, shows the accuracy of 25Pa·vacuum chamber the temperature range of -1℃ ~ 20℃, within this range can be set, regulation. Shows the accuracy of 0.1 ℃·is half full fresh horticultural product relative humidity close to saturation·voltage / frequency 220V/50Hz having the properties of hypobaric storage library, has " inhibits the growth of mold, fruit and insects killing, keep the original flavor of the original color, fragrance storage water loss rate is lowest, prolong the shelf life " decompression storage techniques unique to function. Sell vacuum refrigerator. In accordance with the requirements of customers design and production: storage items; a storage location for use. Welcome domestic and foreign enterprises or individuals, to carry fresh produce to the Dachang vacuum company to do decompression fresh-keeping experiment.

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Ganzhou Dachang air-conditioning Engineering Company Limited
Country/Region:Jiang Xi - China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Contact:Xiao Haichang (Sale)
Last Online:13 Jan, 2015