Fresh vegetables vacuum pre-cooling

Fresh vegetables vacuum pre-cooling
Brand:Dachang vacuum equipment company
Origin:Made In China
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Label:Vegetables during va , Yang Mei storage Pre , Fruit and vegetable
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Product Description

Dachang vacuum precooling preserving technology characteristics

Dachang vacuum precooling preserving machine and its application to fresh vegetables, high-grade vegetable, specials, wild vegetables, edible fungus, high-grade fruit and vegetable supermarket clean keeping fresh with the fruit and vegetable processing.

Features and advantages:

Vacuum cooling method and other cooling methods, has the following characteristics:

The 1 cooling speed, generally only 20-30 minutes to reach desired refrigerated temperature, and common cold storage cooling needs 10-12 hours, or even longer. So it can be adopted after the first elimination of vegetables, fruits, flowers and edible fungus field heat, the heat preservation is fatal.

2 uniform cooling, vacuum pre-cooling can make by fresh appearance and nuclear cooling rapidly, from outside to inside almost at the same time to reach the required temperature, to avoid the traditional cold and hot cold, center temperature is decreased rapidly, resulting in horticultural products respiratory heat cohesion and fresh degree drop phenomenon.

3 by the vacuum fresh-keeping processing the surface of fruits and vegetables green Ying, can effectively control the humidity, not refrigerated surface in mild dehydration phenomenon, and inhibition of blossom, prevent yellowing inhibition of food body incision, bending and other unique effect.

4 by the preservation of fruits and vegetables, edible fungus freshness, color and taste better, and vacuum processing clean, sanitary, long preservation time, market sale price high.

5, harvest fruits and vegetables or water washed fruits can also be treated quickly, avoid the heat phenomenon of fruits and vegetables, can also remove a portion of the surface of the water, favorable preservation.

6 can be matched with air conditioning, achieve high difficulty preservation.

7 long fresh-keeping time, not into the cold storage can directly transport, but also in the short-distance transport without insulation car;

8 cooling time fast, generally only twenty minutes, and that all the vent packaging can;

9 on fruit and vegetable original sensory and quality ( color, fragrance, taste and nutrients to maintain the best );

10 can inhibit or kill bacteria and microorganisms;

11 has a " thin layer drying effect" - the surface of fruits and vegetables in some small injury can be " healed " healing or will continue to expand;

12 has no pollution to the environment;

13 low operation cost;

14 can prolong the shelf life, by vacuum pre cooling leafy, refrigeration can be directly into the high-end supermarket.

The other is suitable for the cold fresh mushroom, fresh cut flowers, fresh meat, rice, steamed products, cooked food. Especially suitable for cooling goods shelf life extension.

Device name: vacuum pre-cooling

Equipment specification: DC-1000 single groove integral mobile 500-600kg/ approximately 2 times per hour for about 1000kg/ hours

Equipment manufacturers: Dachang vacuum fresh-keeping technology ( Jiangxi) Company Limited

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