Food vacuum cooling machine

Food vacuum cooling machine
Brand:Dachang vacuum equipment company
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Food, Beverage & Cereal Machine
Label:Food vacuum cooling , Cooked food fast coo , Bone soup fast coole
Price: ¥100000 / pc
Min. Order:1 pc
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Product Description

Dachang food vacuum fast cooler, is in a wide range of absorption of foreign advanced technology products and the use of experience, combined with their national development of new products. The whole of advanced design, supporting reasonable, economic, reliable equipment operation, high production efficiency, high automation degree, low energy consumption, is cooked food production is the ideal equipment. Dachang company of air conditioning production ( cooked food vacuum fast cooler ) features 1, the cooling time is short, cooked food from 90 ℃ cooling to room temperature takes only 10--15 minutes, 10℃for 25 minutes. In 2, the cooling process in the sealed vacuum cooling of cooked food is clean and sanitary, no bacterial contamination. 3, cooling temperature, vacuum tank food temperature of all parts, has maintained the uniform state of decline. In 4, according to the need to change the cooling temperature, can be conveniently by adjusting the vacuum degree, get cooked food required for cooling temperature. 5, improve food quality, prevent high temperature food oxidation, avoid 30--70℃optimum bacterial reproduction period. In 6, covers an area of small, the runtime does not produce any pollution, can be directly installed in the cooked food production site. Dachang air-conditioning company production of vacuum rapid cooling machine is at home and abroad, the market demand of vacuum pre-cooling technology developed high-tech products, using the machine, electricity, gas control, a programmable controller ( PLC ) man-machine interface dialogue with fruits and vegetables and cooked food in two categories; the former is mainly used for fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh cut flowers, fresh meat and aquatic products, which is mainly used for high temperature steam, boiled, fried, fried and baked cooked food rapid cooling, such as cooked meat products, soybean products, fast food, rice, steamed bread, steamed stuffed buns, dumplings and other

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