PUR hot melt adhesive PET plastic box machine

PUR hot melt adhesive PET plastic box machine
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Product Description

PUR hot melt adhesive PET plastic box machine Main functions:

PUR hot melt adhesive box machine can not only use ordinary water-based glue, sticky PVC, APET, PETG, can also be used PUR hot melt adhesive, can be used in PVC-PET-PP plastic box, Paste APET, PETG, and other plastic boxes sticky side, a multi-purpose machine.
1) The machine uses double-sided teeth rod adjustment structure, easy to operate; quickly.
2) to the plastic part of the use of single-plate operation structure to facilitate the correct continuous film delivery, to the plastic interval can be used for stepless speed regulation. The upper and lower belt folding design, can be used for the first line and the third line of 180 degrees folding box
3) equipped with high-quality motor and inverter, the device can be adjusted for stepless operation.
4) The independent side of the plastic device, the application is very flexible, can be sticky in the station. Spraying Department of the special design, sticky PET material plastic box with photoelectric induction glue device, paste transparent white and viscose parts were linear. Adhesive PP plastic box with hot melt adhesive device, without glue, safety and environmental protection
5) the use of photoelectric counter, feasible quantitative count.
PUR hot melt adhesive PET plastic box machine basic box system size:
PUR hot melt adhesive PET plastic box Nien box length: adjustable
PUR hot melt adhesive PET plastic box Sticking box width: 120mm-650mm (expand size)
Basic functions: Max300M / min
Speed: 3000 pcs / H
Efficacy: 2.2kw
Output power: 380v
Mechanical size: L7.50M * W1.30M * H1.30M
Glue type: hot melt adhesive (PUR hot melt adhesive)
Weight: 1500KG
Contact: Mr. Liu Phone: 13549219949 QQ: 578263902
Note: Our company specializes in producing PVC.PET.PP plastic box machine can do four kinds of spray equipment (PVC needle spray device, PET spray pen spray device, PP hot air bonding device, PUR hot melt adhesive device), PET spray Pen with photoelectric sensor spray, PET can also use UV glue device (transparent not white), PP box without glue

PUR hot melt box machine PET folding box machine PP gluer box used in the PVC-PET-PP material plastic box folding box and paste, PUR hot melt adhesive box, PET PET spray gun can be used to spray the photoelectric sensor device, PET can also be used UV spray adhesive (PVC needle device, PET spray gun device, PP hot air gun device, PUR hot melt adhesive device) Device (no whitening), PP without glue, simple and nimble and flexible, breaking the traditional method of using manual paste box and APET green plastic box when playing glue white phenomenon; machine can adjust the size of the plastic box, with High efficiency, fast speed, completely replace the manual hand-glue method. Save a lot of labor, significantly improve efficiency. Special design of the aircraft is simple, stable performance, bonding without scratches, not white, to ensure product perfection. PP glue box machine, PP folding box machine, PP without glue box machine: do not stick glue PP, simple operation: will have a good shape of the PP sheet of beer into the feed area, the opportunity to stick to the box, Automatic feeding, automatic folding, automatic sticky box, fast, perfect effect, do not wear flower boxes, environmental protection.

Note: product attributes, price, picture is for reference only, please contact us for details. Thank you!

PUR (Hot Melt Adhesive) Gluing Boxes

1. Can use hot-melt adhesive (hot melt adhesive to cut into small pieces can be used in the plastic cylinder)

PUR glue, sticky APET liquid, PUR solid, not white, green PVC and PET fast-drying glue three adhesive adhesive PVC, PET transparent plastic box;

2, PP material high temperature welding, suitable for twill, light body, matte and other materials, the absolute environmental pollution.

3, a multi-purpose machine to meet the needs of the production.

4, simple operation, high production efficiency;

● Specifications:

1, for plastic box width: 100-780mm (expand size)

2, the maximum production efficiency: about 60pcs / min (plastic box length of 20 cm);

3, the maximum power of the machine: 3700W.

PUR hot melt adhesive PET plastic box machine features: can be bonded PVC, PP, PET, APET, and other materials. Adhesive APET plastic box available 608 # APET water-based glue can also be bonded with PUR environmental solid glue (Note: the next day need to continue to use, the day shut down after sealing the nozzle with butter; long time, must Cleaning clean nozzle, or nozzle will be scrapped). PP material can also be used hot air gun bonding, not white, environmentally friendly, solid. This machine is characterized by automatic feeding, automatic folding, automatic glue, plastic box inside the sticky, outside the sticky, folding two sides can stick in the middle, stick out the plastic box is transparent.

1, this machine only 2 operations, 8 hours can stick 10 cm plastic box 60000, the average hourly sticky 8000, and the finished product loss can be reduced to 1%.

2, This machine adopts high quality Taiwanese brand WanXin motor and HaiLiPu inverter, voltage: 380V, motor power: 3.7KW, stable and power saving.

3, this machine is Huajie Machinery Company's best-selling brand, the company in honesty, tolerance, innovation, the purpose of service to quality of survival, with the credibility of development. Product focus on quality, focus on performance, so that the function is complete, and has a professional and stable after-sales service team, repair 12 months of life-long maintenance.

Let you choose Huajie machinery PVC-PET-PP automatic box machine eight reasons:

1, bonding PVC plastic box, easy to operate, the production box speed, economical and practical, size can be adjusted, the perfect effect of plastic flawless

2, bonding pet plastic box, the first use of Guangdong photoelectric sensor, electronic sensor spray device, playing pet is not white, only the plastic box after, will spray glue, very provincial glue.

3, bonding pp box without glue, hot air gun device can be automatically welded.

4, the use of pur glue adhesive PVC / PET / PP plastic box completely transparent. ·

5, glue type: water-based environmental protection glue, PUR hot melt adhesive can be plastic boxes Nien box machine Automatic Hu Heji

6, with PUR solid adhesive PET, transparent and not white, is greatly affected by the modern packaging business of all ages. This system uses Panasonic PLC + touch screen + sensor control, so that the location of precision plastic. But this method after the box needs to be boxed box 3-5 hours, in order to achieve the best bonding effect

7, the use of PP heat sealing gun adhesive PP plastic box, PP hot air gun will be issued by the hot air to melt the surface of PP plastic box, and then the machine pressure with the plastic box pressure and adhesion together, sticky box after PP uniform bubble. This method without glue, environmental protection and cost savings.

8, this machine can choose to purchase hot-melt adhesive system, hot melt adhesive for PVC, PET, PP plastic box, each other can be all transparent plastic box is not white, but the melting point of hot-melt adhesive is low , When the external temperature reaches 80 degrees, the plastic box bonding position will automatically burst open, mind the customers please choose carefully.

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