Universal nylon environmental level adjuster bolt

Universal nylon environmental level adjuster bolt
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Product Description

One, adjusting pin definition.
Also known as the adjustable feet, foot cup, also called the adjusting bolt, horizontal adjusting foot, is highly regulated by screw thread, or a component. For the equipment level, level, a tilt adjustment.
In many mechanical equipment installation engineering, adjustable foot attachment is indispensable one, it is the role of the device and the base are fixedly connected, so as to avoid equipment at work shift and overturning.
Two, adjustable foot classification.
1, performance of classification: universal type, fixed type
Universal type: screw and the base to " ball " are combined into a whole, the ball head has a universal rotating function.
If you use the equipment ground holes, at this point, you can use a ball head, a rotating screw bias radian, let equipment at the state level; at the same time, can be synchronized using supporting nut adjustment equipment high and low, to achieve satisfactory results so far, this series of screw and the base, are in the active state, can not be fixed die.
Fixed: can be divided into " overall fixed " and " local fixed "
Monolithic stationary: screw and the base by welding or nut, nut can be screwed only activity.
Local fixed screw and the base: using circlip or small screw connection, you can rotate in place, but can not be pulled out, also can adjust the height of the movable nut supporting.
2, bearing classification: light type, type, type of gravity force
Light type: 50KG-300KG; small size, material of partial plastic chassis led.
Power type: 300KG-1000KG; size is different, the bearing capacity of a size selection, chassis with nylon or steel as the leading.
Gravity type: 1000KG-5000KG; large size and material to the carbon steel or stainless steel as the leading.
Adjustable foot press uses the name can be divided into the following categories: adjustable foot fastener, nylon joint foot, fixed foot shoe, adjustable legs, supporting feet, anchor bolts, steel support, universal foot, foot, gravity, skid shock absorbers feet stepping, rubber feet, kitchen cabinets, furniture legs, feet of water tank adjustable foot, foot, foot mechanical equipment cabinets, rubber foot, feet and other gravity platform ... ....
Three, adjustable foot characteristics.
Adjustable foot adjustable bearing 45 degrees rotation lifting regulation, universal tilt up and down regulation of the discretion of level carrier. In modern life, production, adjustable foot play an important role.
Four, adjustable foot material specifications.
Adjusting pin screw general selection of carbon steel round bar, finishing, by heat treatment, surface blackening ( chromium / zinc / nickel, etc.) can also use the alloy steel or stainless steel material series.
In addition to regulating foot base on several materials, also can use polyurethane TPU, this material has more than ordinary plastic:
High mechanical strength: TPU products carrying capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance highlights.
Hardy prominence: TPU glass transition temperature is relatively low, at minus 35 degrees and still keep the good elasticity, flexibility.
High elasticity, shock absorption, non-slip, wear resistance, oil resistance, tear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance.
Adjustable foot specifications:
Adjustable foot base optional 40, 50, 60, 80, 100mm;
Adjusting pin thread diameter optional M6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24mm;
Adjustable foot length of thread can choose 30, 50, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200mm
In addition to the above common specifications, the screw and the chassis size and appearance, can be customized.
Five, adjustable foot application.
Application scope: steel wooden furniture, metal furniture, fitness equipment, racks, TV stand, student bed, shelves, computer tables, beach chair, beauty equipment, manufacturing industry, various types of machinery and equipment, assembly line equipment, all kinds of household electrical appliances, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, supermarket container, display cabinets, etc. variety complete, diverse styles.
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