Absorbent cotton paper

Absorbent cotton paper
Origin:Made In China
Category:Security & Protection / Surveillance Equipment
Label:Humidity display car , Humidity indicator C , Humidity card
Price: ¥1.5 / pc
Min. Order:1000 pc
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Product Description

Our department of absorbent cotton paper adopts pure Nordic long fiber wood pulp through special processing, have extremely strong moisture absorption, can minimize the humidity level quickly and not easy to deformation after moisture absorption characteristics, is the ideal material used to produce the humidity indicator card. Humidity indicator Card (Humidity indcator Card) or the Humidity display Card, hereinafter referred to as HTC. It is used to display the sealed space Humidity condition of the Card, the circle above or lateral data is corresponding to the circle indicates the percentage of the relative Humidity of the data.
Most of the electronic components, precision optical components, and other high-end electronics, instruments and equipment easily affected by moisture results in the decrease of product rust, sensitivity and even result in irreversible damage. To avoid moisture erosion and damage of the product, adopting the combination of moisture-proof packaging most of the products will be finished and semi-finished products in the final stage of packaging to protect products, and the humidity display card is convenient and economical to test whether the humidity in a controlled range of materials, when open the bag, humidity display colors card read data can be used as a monitor whether humidity in the regulation of degree of humidity inside the sealed packaging within the scope of the basis, at the same time, also can indirectly reflect the seal whether within the desiccant moisture absorption effect.
Products are widely used in:
Electronic components encapsulation, optical devices, sensitive components
All kinds of vacuum packaging, IC/integration/circuit board, medicine, food, leather and other industries.
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