Alumina Ceramic Heater

Alumina Ceramic Heater
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Product Description

 Alumina Heater For Bathroom Water Heater 



Alumina Ceramic Heaters are produced by implementing unique metallization and ceramic lamination processes. Due to the advanced manufacturing techniques utilized in the electric element, Alumina Heaters can provide higher reliability than ever before. Currently, applications include use as innovative types of heaters in the automotive, medical and semiconductor industries.



2.Detail Informations

We are producing  highly qualified 220V,1500W ceramic water heaters with  the advantages of energy-efficient,long life and eco-friendly.


There are a series of serious quality control system to make sure production quality.

OEM is available.


Part No.




 Bathroom water heater


Working Voltage



Wattage Rating

1500w±10%( when the heating zone is totally immersed in water and its wattage reaches saturation point)


Dimension of product

length:117mm, diameter:11mm



Welding leads on the surface



(1)Long life: airproof constructure for conquering the disintegration problem

(2)Quick temperature rise and stable temperatures can be achieved--usefulness for every reqired heat setting

(3)Excellent insulativity

(4)Energy efficient and high efficiency thermal conductivity—be able to generate heat internally and externally simultaneously.

(4)Compact structure

(5)Equalized heat distribution and high power density.

(6)Safe and eco-friendly electronic product complying to the RoHS requirements:MCH contains no harmful materials.

(7)High cost performance.


We are a factory ,so welcom to OEM and ODM.


3.Application of Alumina Ceramic Heaters

  • Automotive Components
    Glow Plug
    Igniter for Cabin Heater
    Heater for Oxygen Sensor
  • Kerosene and Gas Appliances
    Heater for Vaporizer
  • Industrial Heater Applications
    Heater for Soldering Iron
    Heater for Hair Iron
    Bonding Heater
    Seal Heater
  • Water-Heating Applications
    Heater for Toilet Water
    Bath Water Heater
    Steam Boiler Heater
    Liquid Heater for Small Appliances


4.Advantages of Ceramic Heaters

  • Compact, Lightweight and Energy Efficient
    Ceramic heaters feature high watt density and excellent thermal efficiency. Multiple heating elements can be layered into a single unit.
  • Superior Thermal Properties
    Ceramic heaters reach high temperatures rapidly, and are available with custom-designed heat distribution patterns. The material’s strong insulation properties permit direct contact with a variety of materials, including water, kerosene and metals.
  • High Reliability
    Superior dielectric strength, electrical insulation and chemical resistance give Innovacera’s ceramic heaters outstanding reliability. Our oxidation-resistant material ensures a long service life.
  • No Electric Noise
    Ceramic heaters produce no electric noise.


5.Heater Design Structure

The heating element of the ceramic heater is built into a substrate of alumina or silicon nitride material, then laminated and sintered into one piece — providing insulation and protection from the outside environment.


6.Our Production Method----High Temperature Co Fired Ceramics (HTCC)


With the advent of the integration of electronic components, electronic devices have posed higher demands on circuit miniaturization, high-density, multi-function, high reliability, high speed and large power. Co-fired multi-layer ceramic substrate meets all these requirements so it has been used in a wide range of applications in recent years. Co-fired multi-layer ceramic substrate can be divided into high temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) substrate and low temperature co-fired multi-layer ceramic (LTCC) substrate. Compared to LTCC, high temperature co-fired ceramics (HTCC) has higher mechanical strength, higher wiring density, better chemical stability, higher thermal dissipation coefficient and lower cost and is widely used in the heating and packing applications requiring higher thermal stability performance, less high temperature volatile gases and better sealing. High temperature co-fired ceramic heating element is a good alternate of alloy wire and PTC ceramic heating element and component.

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