VDM Character adder device

VDM Character adder device
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VDM Character adder device


The VDM is used for adding characters on the video, it is named NE-OSD7014.

As character adder device, it has video input interface and video output interfaces . Here, the video must be Analog video . If your video is Digital video, then it is able to use the VDM, when using some equipment convert digital video into analog video. It is important to note that, add the VDM later, it will not have any effect on the original video.

Stack data part of the VDM, it could be any Serial communication data . Generally, the data is sent from PC, sensor, software system, and etc.. Among them, the sensor including temperature and humidity collector , the elevator floor sensor , depth and height gauge, Laser gun,  GPS module, Concentration collector... In addition , all sorts of charge software, statistical software, scanning software , all of those may be the secondary development of the VDM application.

Of course, as you see, we provide communication protocol format of the VDM when you need. So there is no any worry when doing secondary development, also have command explanation , and technical personnel support during the whole application process.

Now, list some parameters of the VDM as below:
In the video increase any information, numbers, texts,characters;
You can choose whether display the time and date or not;
The added characters could be all black, all white, white with black side, black with white edge;
The added characters could be at any position on the video;
When video part of the fault, the supervisory control can still see the added characters.

The VDM display is stable and well, any question, welcome to contact with us.

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