1Render high quality equipment at reasonable price.

1Render high quality equipment at reasonable price.
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Label:Pulse dust collector , Automatic dust catch , Simple derusting mac
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Product Description

Bat brush deruster
Render high quality equipment at reasonable price.
Energy-saving and cost-reducing   environmental protection and dust removal   
dust pulverization
low running costs low failure rate   simple maintenance
GY-CX-A deruster
High-speed rotary bat brushes    contact polishing rust
High speed steel pipe cleaning on rotation modespeed of 25-30/min, diameter of 60-300mm, surface of 10-20um, the bat begin to rotate after the bat inductor get the signal , when the tube is near the bat brush, cylinder is been released, the arm`s weight of the brush decrease, the brush contact with surface friction, polishing the rust.
Eliminate rust and polish the surface of steel brush machine, the roller brush was drive by the motor through the transmission agent. The steel brush rotate with high speed and thus to remove the rust on the surface of the workpiece. The derusting machine frame is with rust on conditioning and cleaning dust and rust cluth. Compared to the previous rust-removing machine, this one is with low labor intensity, high efficiency, good maneuver ability, does not pollute the environment, it can removing rust while polishing.
GY-CX-A Suction mouth
The bat brush throwing the rust on the surface of the workpiece and resulting a high level of dust flow. Air flowing go towards the gusty area, and being collected in the dust waste processor.
GY-CX-A series
Full-automatic roller brush cleaning machine
If you are dissatisfied with surface definition of the product, or resulting in aesthetic problems of your product appearance because the surface of the workpiece. Chose the stick brush and it can vanish your troubles.
GY-CX-A series rust removing machine, with simple operation, easy maintenance, low running costs, can be the best surface cleaning equipment in steel pipe profiles. The stick brush is of greater friction, strong infiltration of corrosion .It can greatly improve the surface adhesion of rust antirust liquids, it can also improve the smooth finish of the surface.
GY-CX-A series
It`s suitable for the rust polish of large-diameter steel pipes and heavy steel. ɸ180-710mm, steel pipe rotation speed: S=30/min, steel pipe running speed: ≥15/min, roller brush speed: 1400/min.
Y-CX-J series
Simple derusting machine
This machine is small in size, easy to install, applied to the small factory space, narrow device proximity, corrosion of thin steel pipe, maximum cleaning RADIUS of 90mm.
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Siamese light rust-removing machine
Rust removing of roller table
Send rebar into the machine room in the throwing area controlled by the electrical adjustable –speed roller conveyor in the scavenging process. It can bear the power-intensive friction from different coordinates of their whole surface and make the scale rust and dirt drop rapidly. Then the surface of the steel get a certain roughness of steel cleaning. Loading and unloading of the workpiece on both sides of the outdoor of cleaning up.
GY-CX-Y rust removing machine
Using joint shaft drive, this machine is made up of 3 parts.
Front drive roller wheels, rear drive sticks round, rust cabin and the electronic control system.
Rust speed adjustable, stick brush can be adjusted radically.
CY-CX-Y200 rust removing:
A drive to complete the rust of diameter length vary from 10 to 180 mm of rebar( can also be used to clean up the dust and residues. )
GY-CX-Y automatic: speed 9 meters/1-2min, power: 1.5KW3KW380V
Devices implement three guarantees .provides technology for free, free training direct customers to a separate operation and maintenance and repair.
Professional in cleaning and polishing, Guyu derusting machinery equipment is the exclusive design and precision manufacturing, str ling to create and manufacture earning opportunities for people and machines.
Managing rennet: credibility superemacy .excellence quality, meticulous service, endless innovation.
Automatic dust catcher
GY-CS-A100 dust catcher
Centrifugal fan with high power, blower, silencer, dust and ash bucket, shell blower, electrical appliances, switches, been integrated.
Small size, do not need to design fan and wind pipe, dust collecting and construction work greatly simplified.
 Due to the method of using water spray dust, the dust removal efficiency may reach 100%, resulting in high dust removal efficiency.
Dust removal effect ,which can meet the exhaust dust content of not more than 30 mg per cubic water pressure, >3Kg.
Pulse dust collector
Applicable to all kinds of dry grinders, tool and cutter grinder, turning cast and electrostatic spray ,plastics, chemicals ,cotton, grain and processing ,cement industry ,pharmaceuticals ,building materials and other dust remover and retrieval.
Pulsed dust collector is a new type high efficient pulsed dust collector series based on the improvement of bag type collector.
Integrated compartment cleaning advantages of pulse jet dust collector , it have overcome the disadvantages that room cleaning was not strong enough ,inequality of wind distribution ,expanding the scope of application.
GY-CF-A series
Wind speed: 755-5690/h, wind pressure: 354-2043Pa. voltage: 380v
Power: 3kw   rotation speed: 1420/min
Water circulating pump: flow rate 100/h, power: 1.1kw, rotation: 1420/min
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