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Product Description

HUILONG is manufacturing hexagonal woven wire Mesh Type 80 commonly referred as double twisted wire mesh. A transverse rod is woven into the mesh at 160 mm intervals. HUILONG is a unique manufacturer of bi-directional heavy duty bound layer reinforcement used in pavement structures. HUILONG has a three dimensional structure allowing the bound layer material to seal each continuous wire strand, ensuring interlock occurs. Therefore optimum and immediate load transfers from the aggregate to the reinforcement. HUILONG products can be used in the bound layers of new or rehabilitated pavements to provide solutions for crack reflection, asphalt fatigue and surface rutting. The depth of the HUILONG within the layer will depend on the design. HUILONG products are manufactured and supplied in standard lengths and widths.
HUILONG is a unique manufacturer with bi-directional high strength steel reinforcement used in new or rehabilitated asphalt pavements to provide solutions for reflective cracking, asphalt fatigue and surface rutting.
HUILONG is proven to help to increase the duration of maintenance cycles in asphalt pavements around the world. It is manufactured from double twisted hexagonal woven wire mesh with a transverse rod woven into the mesh.
HUILONG offers high tensile strength at low strain, together with a geometry that provides excellent aggregate interlock to optimize load transfer and shear resistance.
Developed specifically for flexible pavement reinforcement, HUILONG can be introduced into the upper bound layers of the pavement structure for rehabilitation or new build construction. Developed initially to inhibit reflective cracking in the asphalt layers, research in the USA and Europe has shown HUILONG is enhancing the working life of the whole pavement structure.
Questions and Answers:
When should we consider using HUILONG?
HUILONG must be considered in existing rehabilitation and new pavement design. It is particularly used when the bound layers require additional strength to resist crack reflection and accelerate fatigue due to high deflections, traffic and surface rut resistance.
What is the cost benefit analysis of HUILONG?
Although a pavement reinforced with HUILONG will be more expensive to construct than one without, it will last longer, and the time period between maintenance works also increase. HUILONG is proven to extend the fatigue life of all pavement layers, not just the bound upper layers in which the HUILONG is installed.
What is the minimum thickness of asphalt wearing course that can be paved over Road HUILONG?
The optimum position in the pavement layers is determined during detail design. However, the minimum overlay thickness is 50 mm (2 in.).
Do we have to overlap the joints?
Yes. Transverse joints are overlapped by approximately 150 mm (6 in.) and longitudinal joints by 300 mm (12 in.). The overlap is necessary to ensure load transfer from one panel to another.
What fixing method should we use?
The fixing method is dependent primarily on the type of surface on which the HUILONG is installed. However, the presence of other factors such as surface condition, vertical alignment, and overlay thickness all play a role in the fixing type selection.
Are utilities / services accessible beneath the HUILONG?
Yes. The HUILONG is manufactured from mild steel, and therefore can easily be cut with a concrete saw or equivalent. The reinstatement of the excavation should include 250 mm (10 in.) overlap of the HUILONG on all sides, prior to placement of emulsion / asphalt layers.
Does the HUILONG rust when the cracks propagate?
HUILONG is made from heavily zinc coated galvanized wire (260 g/m2). From cores taken from existing reinforced pavements, it is evident that the HUILONG becomes additionally coated with bitumen, as would be the case with a piece of aggregate.

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