heat transfer Silicone Roller for heat printing work

heat transfer Silicone Roller for heat printing work
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Category:Industrial Supplies / Packaging Related Machine
Label:print Rubber Roller , Silicone Roller , heat transfer Roller
Price: US $81 / roll
Min. Order:2 roll
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Product Description

Product Description

1. Temperature range for plastic: work 250celsius max 280 degree;

2. Shore Hardness: 40-80; 

3. Size:Outer diameter X Inner Diameter X Length 
Φ100XΦ37X600  Φ100XΦ38X300 Φ100XΦ39X600
Any length to cut; 
4. Color: Red, White. 

5. life :we test heat transfer print pen 150,000 times, We have test records for not all product categories. We have customers using the pp bucket you mentioned. This is a regular product, but we did not print the test.different temperature and different products and different worker different life,
For use in thermal transfer, transfer of products suitable for large area foil, thermal transfer film transfer process.  
Made of high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, silica gel plate and the plane has a similar composition.  

In concept. Bronzing process and thermal transfer process, hot stamping machines and heat transfer machine with a significant difference, but in practice, it is called, and did not use a strict distinction.  

Conceptual bronzing machine is the use of flat crush flatten round of peace process manufacturing machinery; heat transfer machine is the use of rotary and round flatten the machine manufacturing process. Installation of metal hot plate stamping machine, heat transfer machines installed silicone roller. Bronzing process refers to the surface of gold and silver in the product technology transfer, thermal transfer refers to the intaglio surface of the product image transfer process.  

In fact, gold foil stamping machine can process, heat transfer can also take film transfer; heat transfer machine can hot stamping process, of course, spend more suitable for thermal transfer film technology.


According to the diagram or sample custom processing thermal transfer roller, thermal transfer rubber tire, hot rollers, hot wheels, thermal transfer silicone wheels, silicone roll, the core drum roller polyurethane encapsulated silicone rubber stick.
our company specializes in producing Cost: printing rollers polyurethane rubber roller alcohol roll silicone roll temperature Cost acid cot chemical solvents EPDM rubber roller roll UV Cost leather etc. 
Welcome to the new and old customers to order a long-term fix Silicone rubber coating wrapped like sample processing rollers.

Contact: Manager Liu +8615994744161 

Company Profile

Custom brand ceramic presses Cost available overall production package of plastic processing service

According to customers to sample or to map processing, the normal duration of 7 days 10 days

Dear, as long as the roller drawings, technical parameters, show us, we can for you to make the same rubber rollers. No matter what kind of hardness, materials, specifications, and accuracy, we can do it.

Price for reference only, based on the price of our main products to account for how much material you send us the information, we will offer you the first time. Our prices are tax, excluding freight.

About shipping instructions:

Cost are different sizes, small, the length of one meter or less, less than 100 kg, we generally send express; large, we generally Logistics. As much quantity we will provide door-to-door service. 
Our company can produce rubber rollers can be adapted to: 
(1) letterpress printing, gravure printing machine, offset printing machine, stencil printer, flexographic printing press; 
(2) Special presses, rotary presses, hot stamping, heat transfer equipment; 
(3) monochrome machines, color printing, two-color machine, three-color, four-color machine, colored, six-color machine, eight-color machine; 
(4) books, business cards, photos, clothing, couplets, ceramics, trademarks, plastic, wrapping paper, and leather; 
(5) glass, plastic, film, wood, crystal, stone, leather, metal, cardboard, fabrics, plastics, ceramics, paper Quality, paper towels, stickers and the like; 
(6) brand: Xerox, Ricoh, Epson, HP, Canon, Heidelberg, Roland, Konica Minolta, Komori, Mitsubishi, Hamada, Fuji, Akiyama, Liang Ming, the North, Jingdezhen, Pa color, brilliance and the like.

Our main Product Overview: 

Polyurethane rubber roller: excellent high strength, compression wear resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, wide range of hardness, and metal bonding firm not unglued and other properties, it is widely used in metallurgy, paper, coal, wood processing, chemical , textile, printing and other industries. 
Silicone roll: mainly used for processing hot sticky products, such as polyethylene rolling, embossing, printing and coating films and fabrics, plastics compounding, corona treatment and other machinery, but also for releasing material in food production and packaging machine rolls and non-woven manufacturing. 
Nitrile rubber roller: excellent oil resistance, and wear resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance is also good, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, paper, packaging, plastics processing equipment and other contact with oil and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent used in occasions. 
Printing rollers: clear ink through the surface structure to ensure stable ink film split evenly transferred to the plate, in order to accommodate different ink component design and the corresponding position of the ink rollers to provide maximum guarantees. 
EPDM rubber; has good resistance to oxidation, ozone aging resistance, weather resistance and excellent electrical insulation, can work, good insulation properties around -65 degrees to 140 degrees, for plastic printing machinery, leather machinery GM fields.

Specializing in the production of rubber roller plating roller (shaft), you can make new plastic bag refining balancing correction sample processing, to map processing. 
Use industry: wood, plastic, electronics, printing, textile printing and dyeing, leather, metallurgy, steel, mining, paper and other industries; 
Plastic types: NBR (NBR.HNBR.XNBR.PNBR), ethylene-propylene (EPT), silicone (RTV) (HTV), butyl (IIR), chloroprene (CR), Haipa Long (CSM), polyurethane fat (CPU), PK wear rubber and other 15 categories, more than 2,000 varieties 
Light roller steel roller mirror roll: Widely used in sheet (board) material, coating machines, complex machines, printing presses, leather, plastic packaging machinery and leather, synthetic leather, paper, aluminum foil, glass, cloth, decorative materials, non-ferrous metals, PVC, ABS, PP, PE, PT, PC and other plastic surfaces and clothing calender and the like.

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