Double Stage Vacuum Oil Regeneration Purifier ZYD-I

Double Stage Vacuum Oil Regeneration Purifier ZYD-I
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Product Description

 Why purify transformer oil? 

Dissolved gasses in transformer oil can cause arcing, corona discharges, and overheating--reducing the electrical efficiency and lifetime of the transformer. Likewise, water contamination at levels as low as 30 ppm (parts per million) can adversely affect the insulating strength of the oil. With ever-increasing standards for energy efficiency of power distribution transformers, the need to effectively degas will become even more important in the future. particles contamination will also affect the function of insulating oil. So we need to clean used transformer oil. 


It is mainly used for purifying the insulating oil in all kinds of large power equipments, which are above 110KV especially for those over 500 meters height area.

1. Double-stage vacuum system, strong power of vacuum evacuating, ultimate vacuum value 5Pa.
2. Two vacuum separating chambers, efficient oil film sprayer, increasing separating size and separating time to ensure the dry-level and dielectric strength improving greatly.
3. Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology, combined with unique and advanced dewatering, degassing components, can rapidly and effectively separate water, gas from oil.
4. Multi-stage precision filtration system, mesh filtration combined with molecular adsorption technologies.
5. Efficient electric heating system, heating uniformity, less power consumption, safe, and reliable.
6. Double-infrared liquid level sensor, pressure protective system to ensure machine operation easy and safely.
7. Adopt interlocked protective system, which connect oil pump, heater and liquid level sensor, avoiding blank heating, blank pumping, oil leak and electricity leak. If there is any fault, machine will be power off automatically.
8. Functions of live line work onsite, vacuum drying and vacuum oil filling.

According to the transformer oil change it is very economic 
Used transformer oil can be brought up to the equivalent point of new oil 
Transformer within the moisture, sludge, acids and harmful gases to destroy and the insulation values will be higher than old. 
Transformer oil life is extended. 
As a result of the occurrence waste oil and disposal costs would have been zero. 

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Double Stage Vacuum Oil Regeneration Purifier ZYD-I 1

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