Foundation Rotary Digging Teeth

Foundation Rotary Digging Teeth
Model:B47K, B47K17-H
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Machine Hardware / Cutter & Tongs
Label:Rotary Digging Teeth , Foundation Drill Bit , rotary bits
Price: US $1 / pc
Min. Order:100 pc
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Product Description

  We can supply all kinds of coal mining bits, flat cutter teeth with sleeves and holders, shearer picks, round shank bits with holders, welding bar, etc use for drill auger, which have high strength, high wear resistance and long life features. They are widely using on foundation drilling tools, excavation machines, shearers, continuous mines etc. Also we can make them according to your drawing or samples, we assure that we will give you high quality products with lowest price. 

We choose high quality steel, and high quality tungsten carbide tip via forging, welding, heat treatment. Steel body, made by material 42CrMo, heat treatment with 40-44HRC hardness, has high toughness and wearable character. Tip is made by material tungsten carbide, and Suitable Grade Selected according to the Target Projects, Which are to make sure the good performance during working. 

Foundation drilling tools, mining bits and tools, tunneling tools and bits and road milling bits and tools. 
Road milling bits we produce are used in kinds of road milling machine, for example, Wirtgen, Cat, Caterpillar, Dynanpac, Dynanpac, MARIN and Bitelli etc. 
For supply the quality product, we control all detail, from the selected material to the package of product. All employee will accept the professional training before the work, so they know how to do in every process of product. 

* The alloy is made from cobalt powder of thick particles through burning in the vacuum, thus increasing its wearing resistance and prolonging its service life. 
* Hard welding material and special weld-processing technique can make the joint point between the tool shank and the alloy much more firm. 
* The 1.2mm thick snap ring, which is made of flexible steel of high quality, can bear the expansion force for a long time. 
* The washer with a diameter of 44mm which is made of firm elastic steel plate can reduce the abrasion to the apron. 

Wirtgen WM4/13, WM1/13, W4ER, W5ER, W5EHR, W5HR, W6R, 6HR, W6ER, W6EHR, W6SR, W6GSR, W7ER, W7EHR, W8HER, W6AOCR, W1-10R, W1-13R, W1-15R, W6/22R, W6SG/22R, W7/22R, W8/22R, W1-13/22R, W1-17/22R, WR6-SG, WR8-E, WR-15, WR-19, WSM-13, WSM-15, WSM-17, WSM-19, WSM-22, WSM-25, WSM-19-42E, WSM-22-42E, WSM-25-42E, HT11-R, HT11-R D22, HT11- D25, HT11, HT2, HT3, HT11, HT11R. 
Kennametal RZ05, RZ08, RZ07, RZ19, RZ20, RZ16, RZ24, RZ25, RP01, RP05, RP06, RP07, RP19, P20, RP26, RP10, RP15, RP11, RP16, RP30, RP18, RP24, RP25, RP27, RP28, RP21, RP22, RPM18, C3KBF, RS14, RS12, RS19, RS18, RS16, M3, C10AMC BLOCK, C10LG, C10AM/LG, C10, C10HD, C10H, KPF301, KPF303R, QC100 Base, QC110HD, QC110B, QC110H, SR01, SR02, SR03, SR04, SM01, SM02, SM03, SM04, SM06, SM07, C87RL, C87HDS, C87E, CM10AM/LG, CM41, CM42, CMB4, CM61, CMB6, CM63, CMB6L, CH31SR, AR350T, AR35, C87B, KB250, KBB250. 
Kennametal step shank Cutting Tools and BlocksTS2, TS4, TS8, TS11, TS20, TS21, TS26, C4/U43H, U43XHD-50, TH3S, TH3, TS3, TS7, TS10, TS15, TS17, TS18, TS19, TS25, TS30, TS31, TS32, TS5, TS9, TS14, TS16, TS33, TS34, TS3C, TS13C, TS19C, TS5C, TS14C, TS16C, TS28C, TS29C, C4, C4-1, C6, C7, 
Kennametal 1"(25mm) shank Cutting Tools and Blocks T6, T7, T12, T14, C30H/U40H, TH3-100, T1, T5, T8, T9, T11, T15, C31R, C31RHD, C34R, C35R, C36R, C31, C31HD, C32, AUC40KH, U40HD, C31FSRHD, C34FSR, CH31SR 
Kennametal 0.86"(22mm) shank Cutting Tools and Blocks SM01, SM02, SM03, SM04, SM06, SM07, SD02, SD04, SD06, C87E, SLB01, C87G, C87HDG, SL06, SL07, SL09, SL02, SL04, C87E, C87HDS, AR150 87, AR150 87ST, C87B, C87G, 
Kennametal 0.76"(19mm) shank Cutting Tools and Blocks C3R, C3T, C1LRT, C3RB, RP15, RP21, RP22, RS14, RS16, RS18, RS01, RS19, RL08, RL09, RL10, RL11, RL04, RL06, RL07, C10, C10H, C10HD, C21, 
C21HD, C23, C21RHD, C20HD, C20, C21RFHD, C21RF, C21F11NB, C21FHD, 
Kennametal CM42, CMB42, CM61, CM63, CM65, CMB6, CMB6L, DT50, DT87, RT1, RT2, 
Betek BA01(BA90-35), BA04(BA70-38), BA09(50-29), BA10(BA50-26.5), BA13(BA55-22)
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Foundation Rotary Digging Teeth  1

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Yanggu Huasheng Rock Drilling Tools Co., Ltd.
Country/Region:Shan Dong - China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Contact:Bingqing Zhao (Sales Manager)
Last Online:14 Aug, 2014

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