Titanium mixed metal oxide MMO coating Wire Mesh Ribbon Anode

Titanium mixed metal oxide MMO coating Wire Mesh Ribbon Anode
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Product Description

Titanium mixed metal oxide coated ribbon anode 

MMO Ribbon Anode for Under tank Cathodic Protection

MMO Ribbon Anode and MMO Mesh Ribbon-we passed the test of the third party- Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.), Inc. Under the standard of MMO Mesh Ribbon-NACE TM0294 and MMO Ribbon-NACE TM0108. 

Titanium mixed metal oxide MMO coating Anode

Specification of MMO ribbon anode

Substrate ASTM B265 Gr1 or Gr2  
Coating IrO2+Ta2O5  
Thickness 0.635mm 0.9mm
Width 6.35mm 12.7mm
Length 152m per coil 152m per coil
Net Weight 2.8kg per roll 7.8kg per roll
Working life 50 years 50 years
Current output Min.17ma/m Min.34ma/m


Working Environment:

Sandy soil, Sea water, fresh water etc.


·Ribbon titanium anode is often used to make grid – pattern

·Can be used for cathodic protection anodeofall kinds of tank bottom

·Uniform current distribution

·Simple installation

·Having excellent performance and a good combination with the concrete,

when used in a reinforced concrete structure

·The anode zone spacing can be adjusted to achieve the required design life


 ·In fine sandy loam

 ·Release Cl2 or O2, or both releases Cl2 and O2 environmen

 ·Typically used for cathodic protection of the ground tank bottom andreinforced concrete structures

 ·Internal protection of storage tanks, condensers, pipes, pipelines, heat exchangers and boilers.

 ·External protection of pipelines, ship hulls, platforms and other offshore constructions, piers,        dams and cooling water inlet parts of power stations.

 ·Tank bottoms


1. Substrate: 

Pure titanium Gr1


C max 0.08%
N max 0.03%
H max 0.015%
Fe max 0.20%

max 0.18%

Residual max each 0.1%
Residual max total 0.4%
Ti balance


2. Specification

Length x Width x Thickness












Working life(year)
6.35 0.635 152 17 2.8 50
12.7 0.9 152 34 7.8 50

Material :Titanium B265 Grade 1 or Grade 2.

Working Environment: Sandy soil, Sea water, fresh water etc


3. Application

Titanium anode basket are widly used in Electroplating industry, such as

(1)Precious metal plating(Ag, Au, Rh, Pd)

(2)Hard chrome plating(Cr6+)

(3)Base metal plating(Cu, Zn, Ni)

(4)Precious metal recovery, etc

4. Production Flow of MMO anode:


Raw material 



 Titanium MMO Activated Tubular Anode

--- Shearing

--- Machining


--- Blasting


---- coating

Manual brushing

Automatic coating

Working equipment:

Titanium mixed metal oxide coated ribbon anode

Titanium mixed metal oxide coated ribbon anode

      Accelerated Life Test                             Coating Thickness Test 
  Titanium Ru-Ir Coated Anode for Anti-fouling of Ship Titanium Ru-Ir Coated Anode for Anti-fouling of Ship  





5. Quality Assurance

6. Projects & Patents

a) Projects:

1.High Effective and Energy Saving Titanium Anode Used for Hydrometallurgy

2.The Development of Green and Novel Glass-to Metal Sealing Product

3.The Research and Production of High performance of Titanium Anode Composite Materials

4.The Research and Production of the Cathode Drum Used in Electrolyzing Copper Foil

b) Patents

1.A Kind of Brushing Device Used in Production of Titanium Ribbon and Titanium Mesh Ribbon

2.Dipping solution of the Coordination Compounds of Platinum and Prepare the Platinum Coating with it.

3.A Titanium Anode Device Used in a hydrometallurgical Electrodeposition of Metals

4.The Method of Removing Titanium Anode Coating

8. The List of Products from Xi'an Taijin

² Anodes Impressed Current for Cathodic Protection

Titanium Anodes

1)Mixed Metal Oxide Ti Wire & Piggy Back Wire Anode

2)Mixed Metal Oxide Ti Ribbon & Mesh Ribbon Anode

3)MMO/Platinized Ti Tubular & Anode string &Canister Anode

4)MMO/Platinized Ti Rod & Probe Anode

5)MMO/Platinized Ti Discrete Anode

6)MMO/Platinized Ti Disk & Sheet & Plate Anode

High Silicon Cast Iron Anode

1)HSCI Rod Anode

2)HSCI Tubular Anode

Cathodic Protection Materials

1)CP Wire and Cable

2)Anode Calcined Petroleum Coke Backfill

² Galvanic Anode

Magnesium anode

1)MG High Potential Anode

2)H-1 Alloy Mg Anode

3)Pre-packaged Mg Anode

4)Cast Mg Rod AZ-63 Alloy

5)Mg Extruded Rod /Ribbon Anode

Aluminum anode

1)Aluminum Cast Anode

2)Aluminum Extruded Rod Anode

Zinc Anode

1)Zinc Cast Anode

2)Zinc Ribbon anode

² Titanium Anodes Used in Other Field

1)Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium Anode for Hydrometallurgy

2)Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium Anode for Electrolysing Copper/ Aluminum Foil

3)Mixed Metal Oxide/Platinized Titanium Anode for Sodium Hypochlorite and Seawater Electrolysis

² Titanium Product

1)Titanium Clad Copper Metal Material

2)Titanium Art Products

3)Titanium Fasteners

Titanium Materi

7. Production Capacity

Product Product Capacity Actual Amount Produced (Previous Year)

Titanium anode for cathodic protection



Titanium anode for hydrometallurgy



Titanium anode for copper foil



Titanium anode for aluminum foil



Lithium battery seals



Mil-spec connectors



High temperature high pressure bulkheads



Optical communication connectors



8. Company Development / Expansion Plans

Company Development / Expansion Plans


Company Development Action



Developing new products and increasing twice in sales

Within 3 Years


To buy a new equipment (automatic coating production line)

Within 1 year


To get the certificate of Xi'an Enterprise Technology Center

Within 1 year


To pass the evaluation of Titanium electrodes engineering laboratory


9. Package

Packing of inside:


Titanium mixed metal oxide coated ribbon anode

Outer Packing :


10.Match up with products:

High Quanlity Conductor BAR 

Testing equipment:

Packing of inside:
Titanium mixed metal oxide coated ribbon anode

Payment Terms:L/C, Western Union, T/T
Packing:Plastic or paper as inside, carton or plywood case as outside
Standards Certificate:Confirm to system standard ISO9001:2008
Titanium mixed metal oxide MMO coating Wire Mesh Ribbon Anode 1Titanium mixed metal oxide MMO coating Wire Mesh Ribbon Anode 2Titanium mixed metal oxide MMO coating Wire Mesh Ribbon Anode 3Titanium mixed metal oxide MMO coating Wire Mesh Ribbon Anode 4Titanium mixed metal oxide MMO coating Wire Mesh Ribbon Anode 5

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