Liquid Silicone Bra Adhesive

Liquid Silicone Bra Adhesive
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Category:Chemicals / Adhesives & Sealants
Label:Bra adhesive , liquid Bra adhesive , Bra liquid glue
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Product Description

 Silicone Adhesive/Glue for silicone Brassiere

KL-6634A/B is two components compound. Self-adhesive and pressure-sensitive. Transparent silicone base adhesive/ glue for silicone Bra (Brassiere). Heat and fast cured type adhesive for silicone, TPU and so on.

The silicone adhesives are characterized by high performance of surface Stripping Resistance, good levelling property, electrical insulating property, high grade of transparency and easy to clean with water.

Mainly used for silicone Bra, silicone massage pad, pads and other silicone products.Can touch the skin and reuse cyclically.

Physical Properties:
Appearance: A: Clear colloid B: Clear colloid
Hardness: 3.5°A
Viscosity: 50000mpa.s
Solid Content: 90%
Curing Condition: TC10:19S*120℃
Tensile Strength: 0.71Mpa
Elongation at Break: 300%
Tear Resistance: 1.07KN/m²
Surface Stripping (Resistance at 180℃): 60±1g/25mm (ASTM D333) 
Light Transmittance: 90%
Application ratio: A: B=1: 1 (Weight)

Application Method:
1. Mixing uniformity A and B by a ratio of 1: 1.
2. Coating uniformity of silicone adhesive on the substrate (silicone, EVA, clothe, PET or other material) by coating method or rolling process.
3. Give temperature. Baking at 90℃ for 540seconds.


1. The application ratio should be adjusted appropriate to different materials, the thickness of coating and weather conditions (temperature and humidness). The application ratio should better increase 5%~10% based raw ratio at hot and humid conditions.
2. Cleaning base materials and keep it dry, free of dust and oil.
3. Controlling and checking the viscosity during the coating process. Pay attention to the quantity for once and make it deeply cured.
4. The operating environment is important for coating process, please work in dust-free plant at constant temperature 25~35℃ and constant humidity at 15~60%. During the operating process, more dust pollution more NG products, as the changing of temperature and humidity, bad property of flowability and adhesion strength will be appeared by low temperature, and, the higher humidity will cause coating shrinkage cavity, the lower humidity will cause potential safety hazard and whity by static.
5. The mixed silicone adhesive should be used up within 1 hour, if high viscosity happens, stop coating at once.
6. The work shop should be ventilated and workers should wear labour protection tools during the coating process. Away from open flame, high temperature and pay attention to static electricity.
7. Please read the product safety instructions before using.

Storage: Stored at room temperature for 6 months without mixing.

Packing: 20KG/Barrel、50KG/Barrel

                                    Special Silicone Adhesive And Silicone prime






Model No.






Silicone Primer CL-14A 3kg/10kg

 Applied to double side tape (3M),mainly 

used for household appliances.

P+R Primer K770-1 1000ml

 Silicone surfactant, matched with instant glue, 

applied to P+R process widely.

TPU Primer CL-25 500ml

Activating TPU surface, matched with 603, applied 

to keypad assembly process widely.

Low Whity Primer K770-3 500ml

 Activating silicone surface, matched with instant glue, 

applied to P+R process widely.

Metal Primer CL-24S-3 1kg

Applied to glue silicone to metal at room temperature

or high temperature, applied to kitchenwares widely.

Silicone Adhesive KN-300 100g/330g

Silicone glue to silicone at room temperature, replaced 

Wacker E41& E43

Silicone Adhesive KN-300A 100g  Silicone glue to nylon or resin at room temperature,
Medical Adhesive KN-300XY 300g Applied to silicone catheter etc medical parts. It will developingunder X-ray.,room temperature cured
Super Glue 603 20g/1kg

Used for silicone glue to metal or TPU materials.

Strength adhesion and low whity.(Match with primer)

Instant Glue 460 20g/1kg

Used for silicone glue to plastic materials. Strength 

adhesion and low whity.(Match with primer K770)

Instant Glue 803 20g/1kg Low corrosion type instant glue
PET Binding Agent CL-26A/B-1 1kg Silicone binding agent for PET at middle temperature.
Silicone Adhesive KL-301A/B 1kg

Silicone glue to silicone at high temperature, high adhesion

and fast curing.

Silicone binding agent CL-24C 1000ml

Uncured silicone glue to nylon in mold. Applied to kitchenwares


Silicone binding agent CL-26A/B 1kg

Uncured liquid silicone bonding with metal/nylon at middle


Silicone binding agent CL-24 1000ml

Uncured liquid silicone bonding with metal/nylon at high temperature. 

Applied to kitchenwares.







Platinum curing agent C-100A/B 5kg Applied to FDA and Medical grade needed silicone rubber products.
Silicone conductive ink PD-0455 kg

Silicone conductive coating, mainly used for silicone tubber cable 


Odourless curing agent

C-16 20kg The cured silicone products with odourless.
Silicone anti-frost agent CL-08F 20kg Frosting from the silicone rubber production process.
Inner release agent CL-T10 20kg

Paste, add in silicone rubber, easy to disperse and good peeling 

off effects.

Outer release agent CL-T10B   Water, Spraying on the hot mold, well peeling off effects.
Special silicone ink

Pantone code


Conductive ink, printing ink,coating ink,soft coating for protecting

case and keypads.

Liquid silicone pigment Pantone code 10kg

Liquid silicone pigment, applied to silicone resin and liquid silicone 

rubber as extrusion process based.

Silicone pigment 1kg Paste silicone pigment. High temperature resistance and easy to disperse.




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