integrated of long-distance uhf rfid reader

integrated of long-distance uhf rfid reader
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Product Description

Invelion integrated of long-distance uhf rfid reader (YR9001)
YR9001 reader of integration, is one of the independent research and development of UHF series products in Shenzhen Invelion Technology Co.,Ltd.,The reader have not contact, is not affected by the environment, read distance long, to adapt to the
objectthat the high-speed motion ,good performance, convenient operation, prevent conflict etc.of excellent features, the use is extremely widely .At present, YR9001 reader is mainly used in highway (bridge) no parking fee management, anti-counterfeiting license plate recognition, vehicle marshalling scheduling management, intelligent parking lot management, truck car number automatic identification system, the port of entry and exit inspection management, management of warehouse goods in and out of the regulation and recognition, l age parcel identification management and port container management and so on many fields.

YR9001 reader which is 915 m RFID reader with structural integrityand fully functional ,it contains RF module, digital signal processing, the input/output port and serial communication interface, with reader synchronization function.
The YR9001 reader is a multi-protocol UHF reader, support ISO18000-6B and EPC agreement international standard, can read UPM, TI, Alien etc. labels, and make performance optimization for main application of the tag chip. It can be easy to reader software upgrade and to meet the needs of the protocol extension and function extension of application, protect the user's investment.
YR9001 reader adopts integration structure design, with high gain antenna, the reader and antenna of effective work scope of is long, can identify the label which the fast moving. Integration of the whole machine, ultra-thin mechanical structure
exteriorand waterproof structure design make installation easy and convenient in engineering application.


The technical parameters:

1) operating frequency:

national standard(920 ~ 925 MHZ),

USA standard(902 ~ 928 MHZ)

or customize other spectrum frequency hopping and fixed frequency work;
2) support agreement: ISO18000-6 b, ISO18000-6 - c (EPC GEN2)
3) the method of frequency hopping: frequency hopping spectrum (FHSS) or fixed frequency, can be set by software
4) works style: timing automatically read card and external trigger control card or software to send commands to read card, card reader mode can be set up
5)RFID power: 0 ~ 30 DBM, software is adjustable
6) read card distance: can adjustable range: 1 ~ 12 m
7) read card sensitivity: double-polarization read card mode

8) read card time: Single-tag 64 bits ID number read timing<6ms

9) antenna parameters: built-in polarization antenna, gain 12 dBi
10) support interface RS485, RS232, Wiegand26, Wiegand34
11) working voltage: DC + 12 v
12) read tip: the buzzer
13) power consumption: maximum power
4 w
14) operating temperature: - 20
~ + 80
15)Storage temperature: - 40 ~ + 125
16) operating humidity: 20% ~ 95% (no lon)
17) shape size: 450 mm x 450 mm x 60 mm
18) weight: 3 kg

integrated of long-distance uhf rfid reader  1

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