Diamond grinding wheel polishing wheel cutting wheel

Diamond grinding wheel polishing wheel cutting wheel
Model:grinding wheel
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Tools / Abrasives
Label:grinding wheel , cutting wheel , grinder wheel
Price: US $60 / pc
Min. Order:5 pc
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Product Description

Diamond grinding wheel, diamond grinding disc, diamond grinding pad


  • Brand: More Super Hard


  • Bonding Agent: Vitrified Bond, Resin Bond, Metal, Electroplated.


  • Type: Grinding wheel, Polishing wheel, Grooving wheel, Cutting wheel


  • Type Code: 1A1, 1V1, 1EE1, 1FF1, 3A1, 11A2, 6A9, 14A1,14A1R,11V9, 11C9, 4A2, 6A1,6A2, 12A2, 9A3, 1F1,12V2, 1L1, 14EE1, 4B1, 14E1, 4A2P, 11B2, 6A2T, 11V2, 9A1, 1A1R, 1F1, 1A8, 9A1, 9A1B,3K1, 1A1W, 4V2, 1A3, 1A2T, 1A2, 12C9, 14E6Q, etc.
  • Material: Diamond, CBN


  • Size: D. 25-500mm; T. 5-40mm; H. 10-127mm.


  • Line speed: 35~80 (M/S)


  • Grit: 80#~5000# (D251-D1)


  • Application: Rough diamond polishing, Tungsten carbide grinding, Glass grinding, Steel Cutting, Ceramic grinding


  • Application Industry: Jewelry, Automobile, Aerospace, Oil drilling, Coal mining, Metal processing


  • Certification: ISO 9001:2000


  • Packing: Carton box with foam box. (Gift package is available)


  • MOQ: 5 pieces


  • Delivery Time: 5—10 Days


  • Sample: Available


Contact Owen for more details, via “owen @ moresuperhard.com”


Introduction of vitrified diamond grinding wheel:

  • Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels possess pretty high abrasive resistance, especially in polishing hard and brittle workpiece.
  • It has many advantages like small grinding force, low operating temperature, high grinding precision, excellent workpiece's surface grinding, etc. Therefore, vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel will express the better advantages in the future. It is recognized as a high performance grinding wheel with the higher speed, higher efficiency, higher precision, lower abrading cost and lower pollution.
  • Based on these superiorities, vitrified bond diamond bruting wheel is widely used in wafer, PDC, PDC, diamond cutter, CBN, cemented carbide, new engineering structural ceramic, diamond, jewel, crystal, rare earth materials and another hard-brittle materials' machining operation.


Application of Vitrified diamond grinding wheel:

  • Application of Vitrified diamond grinding wheels: Mainly used for machining tungsten carbide, ceramic, cermets, optical glass, PCD, PCBN, CVD, natural diamond, stones and so on.


Features of Vitrified diamond grinding wheel:

  • Sharp cutting
  • High efficiency
  • Long working life
  • Less heat


Suitable for CNC grinding machine:

  • Ewag, Walter, Vollmer, Agathon, Wendt, etc…

Product Range:

  • Vitrified/Ceramic bond diamond & CBN tools
  • Resin bond diamond & CBN tools
  • Electroplated diamond & CBN tools
  • Metal diamond & CBN tools
  • PCD/PCBN cutting tools, milling tools, drilling tools, reamers, boring tools
  • PDC drilling tools, PDC drill bits, PDC drill bit inserts
  • TSP Polycrystalline diamond, TSP inserts
  • CVD diamond plate


Please provide us details when you order, For example,

Product needed: Vitrified diamond grinding wheel

1) Diameter   (25, 40,100,200,300…750mm)

2) Hole/state bore dimension

3) Thickness   (4/5/6/8/10/…40/50/60mm)

4) Shape (1A1 /1A1R/1A8/1A1W/1L1/1F1/6A2/12A2/11V9/4A1/14A1…)

5) Grit size (16/18, 18/20…40/45,80/100…325/400. In GB or ISO standard)

6) Other request


Contact Owen for more details, via “owen @ moresuperhard.com”

Payment Terms:TT, Paypal
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