Elastic staple machine

Elastic staple machine
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Product Description

Flexible plastic nails Elastic Staple machine

- Specially designed for clothing, toys, hardware tools, and other products; also apply to textiles, knitwear, household items, kitchen utensils, food, jewelry, pet supplies, and other special packing.
With a variety of materials used in conjunction with a back card, more fit products and highlights products, full of changes, it is advantageous to enhance the brand image.
- Pneumatically driven, no electricity, no heat, no glue. Can be used alone as a packaging equipment, it can also be easily integrated into automated packaging line in.
- Alternative plastic, vacuum and plastic cards, metal fasteners, sealing tape, nylon cable ties, plastic coated wire and other traditional packaging, maximize reduce the use of packaging materials, to reduce the 95% of the packaging weight, more environmentally friendly.
- Replace time-consuming manual operation, just 0.5 seconds, and can be a fixed location, saving time and effort, significantly improve efficiency.
- Supporting a flexible resilient plastic nails, plastic nail tough, durable, corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly, convenient, and easy to remove, plastic nail can be stretched, greatly improving the packaging process flexibility and timeliness, highlights the best products , more intuitive and easy customer contact with the product.
- 10,000 plastic nails per roll, reducing changeovers, improve work efficiency.


- Cycle speed: 0.59 seconds
- Weight: Weight of about 3.3kg, total weight 13kg
- Pressure: Working pressure to 80 psi (0.55 MPa)
- Adjustable pitch: 10mm-64mm
- Manual machine (including the host) size of: 112cm × 30cm × 38cm (width × height × depth)
- Basic settings: VNS host, rack, reverse balancers, reel holder plate and brush
- Needle Diameter: 2mm
- The effective length of the needle: 54mm
- Flexible plastic nail length: 13mm-85mm
- Flexible plastic nail stretch range: 25mm-95mm



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