active slope fence

active slope fence
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Label:passive slope fence , airport fence , filed fence
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Product Description

Active protection active protection system of wire rope net on all kinds of needed for flexible net cover wrapped in protective slopes or rock, to limit the slope rock soil weathering flake or damage as well as the rock collapse (reinforcement effect), or control the rock fall within a certain range of motion (containment action).
Before both by wire rope bolt and/or support rope fixed way, the latter by steel bar (prestressing) and/or wire rope anchor rod (rope when used with edge support), special anchor plate and edge support rope fixed way, such as when necessary.
Product features
High flexibility, high protection strength, easy to spread out.To adapt to any slope topography, installation procedures standardized and systematized.
Using die cutting system installation, short time limit, low construction cost.
System of material special manufacturing process and high anticorrosion technology, decided the system of ultra high life.System will build team hit bottom, the environmental impact of its protection area can fully protect the soil and rock solid, convenience of artificial afforestation, environmentally friendly.
On the action principle is similar to spray anchor and soil nailing wall surface slope protection system, but because of its flexible characteristics can make the system to local concentrated load around all material: steel wire rope net, ordinary steel grille (often referred to as the wire grid) and TECCO high strength steel grille and passed to give full play to the protective ability of the whole system, namely local loading, the overall effect, so that the system can bear larger load and reduce the single bolt anchorage force requirements.
Product use
The openness of the system, free discharge of groundwater, avoided due to the rise of ground water pressure caused by the instability of slope;The system in addition to the stability of the slope has a certain contribution, at the same time also can inhibit further weathering erosion, slope and slope shape characteristic, does not damage and change slope surface morphology and the original vegetation growth conditions, its open features to later or the next conditional and need to carry out the artificial slope greening retained when necessary conditions, green plants can be free in the open space, the solid soil functions of plant roots and blends into slope protection system, thus inhibiting slope damage and erosion, which in turn protects the physiognomy and vegetation slope, optimal slope protection and environmental protection purposes.
Common models: system + anchor rope support line + suture line, orifice pit + tensioning [or edge (on) the anchoring (cable anchor 2-4 m from 4.5 m) + lateral support line (16) 30 12-30 + wire rope net (left 08/300/4 * 4 ㎡) + suture line 8 (30)]
Main models: GAR1, GAR2, GPS1, GPS2, etc.

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