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Product Description

The Fixturlaser GO Basic Delivers Live Values and Icon Based Guidance


Our entry product, the Fixturlaser GO Basic, comes with high tech hardware and software, and many functions to increase the user friendliness. As with all the other Express Alignment products, the Fixturlaser GO Basic also uses the innovative and remarkable Express Alignment measurement units that will save you a lot of time and headache.

 Shaft alignment with Fixturlaser GO Basic

Measurement Technique and Accuracy

All Fixturlaser shaft alignment tools use two measurement units, i.e. two laser beams. With the integrated innovative technology, 30 mm CCD sensors and line laser, we have virtually eliminated rough alignment.
This is a benefit you would not enjoy with the measurement technique that uses only one laser beam. With such a technique, you would have to remeasure after each and every adjustment.

The measurement units also deliver extremely high measurement accuracy. Measurement readings are taken in three positions with a minimum of 45° shaft rotation between them. You can sample up to 40 measurements points in each position giving a total of 120 points for calculation of a possible machine misalignment.
Also, the CCD sensors allow for digital signal quality control, further enhancing the measurement accuracy.

Intuitive User Interface

Our intuitive user interface that is based on icons and symbols, thus eliminating any language barriers, will guide you throughout the measurement and adjustment process. 
The rotation guide indicates with black or white fields if you are within the permitted measurement area or not.
The measurement result is shown as coupling values and foot values for horizontal and vertical direction. The result field is enhanced with symbols indicating angular and/or offset errors.
During the measurement process, an angle guide will help you reach the correct measurement position. Arrows by the machine’s feet will show you in which direction the machine needs to be moved.

Saving and Documentation

Saving is handled by using the Memory Manager function; the Fixturlaser GO Basic has the capacity to store 350 measurements.
Documentation of measurement reports is really easy. By connecting the display unit to the PC’s USB connection, the files are rapidly transferred using the Explorer function in the PC.


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