conveyor,Happy-T,belt conveyor

conveyor,Happy-T,belt conveyor
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Product Description

Conveyor chain of GY-ST series

Mainly used after coating, move the chain in the axial, design different contact dot for different materials. They are commonly used in v-shaped steel tube after spraying pallets.


Conveyor  machine toll of GY-ST series.

Suitable for all kinds of boxes ,bags, trays and other pieces of goods transportation, bulk and small items or irregular items must be in pallets or containers on transportation,. The same as the drive chain , impact load transmission chain can convey a great deal of material of large weight.

Precision chain is made up of a series of bearings too. They are binding by chain plate of constraint effect. The position to each other is accurate, each bearing consists of a PIN and a sleeve, the chain rollers rotates on them. Pin and sleeve must be subjected to surface treatment. It can allow the hinge together under high pressure, and also ,it can stand the pressure of through roll pillar and the impulse from matching.







The utility model exposes a kind of drying bed that being used in the production line of oil casing and pipe drilling, which including two chain support sets side by side. Each of the chain is equipped with chain assembly. Each of the chain assembly is connected with drive assembly respectively. Drive shaft assembly is driven by power-driven devices. Each stand of the two chain is installed of multiple proximity switches respectively, the proximity switch is connected with the microprocessor. This utility model is of simple structure, steady operation, low assumption of energy, good effect of paint drying, low equipment cost and large capacity of steel pipes transporting, it can also guarantee the drying of the paint on the surface of casing, so as to smooth the operation of the next production line and ensure the quality of surface casing . This is applied to all kinds of steel pipe, oil casing and the production line of drill pipe.






GY-LC series

Simple operation, easy in use, convenient maintenance

We present a drying device that has been used in drying line of oil casing after painting, which is of simple structure, stable operation, low energy consumption, large capacity of steel pipes transporting. We can set the running speed according to the time of line interval so as to ensure the dry of paint after the oil casing painting, while it`s the time between the enter and out of the drying bed of the pipe. Thus we can go to the next operation line smoothly.


Dry bed of double v-plate                  the chain of ladder ball



Motor output: 10-59r/min

Power:          0.75-20/kw

Torque output: 2000-17000/Nm

Load bearing: 5- 250/ T

Drag chain speed: 10-50m/min

Drag chain pitch: 20-100mm/P

Voltage: 380-460V







GY-FJ-A series

   The feeder of NC machine

Full automation of oil steel casing conveyor

Motor rotating of positive and negative while frequency being controlled, this can be connected with the operating system of CNC machine. Hydraulic/pneumatic of feed flap can be directly controlled by the CNC machine programming. Exterior of stick wheel are polyurethane, the friction is strong, and have an accurate conveyor spacing. Thread inspection in behind machine threading, the rotate of stick wheel is automatically, we can set the speed and direction of the rotation.



Automatic feeder-auxiliary machines

   This product is not standard fixed , you can assemble a full transmission product line according to the customer demand ,workshop environment or equipment resources available.

The type of drive is pluralism, like hydraulic ,pneumatic, electric etc.  the maximum loadability is 50 T ,transmission torque is  20000Nm, and the peak-power is 0.55-20kw











GY-GD series

Steel pipe conveying baton rounds

Steel profiles been transported to the next station .To ensure the steady of transportation, the exterior of steel wheel is full of polyurethane,.


Power of motor:  0.5-3.0kw

Reduction ratio: 1:11/59r/min

Motor speed: 1420r/min

Stick wheel diameter: 100-300mm

Max transmission:  10-100m/min

Max load:  0.3-20T




As a professional manufacturer of transportation equipment and production lines, we can not only meet the needs of different customers of different equipment, but also with implementation of complex automation of industrial production systems technologies and capacity, we can provide customers with project planning from the beginning, Requirement analysis, installation and commissioning, training, maintenance of a full range of services according to customer`s needs.


 The after conveyor roller wheel set       the fore conveyor roller wheel set

 The roller wheel set with independent flap


Conveyor body is traction conveyor, generally including traction ,bearing components ,drive unit ,tension device ,turn device and supports.


To build the leader of conveying machinery of non-standard equipment .
















Electric feeding machine

Translation machine /moving steel machine /stepper machine

   This new feeding machine is made up with carriage, linkage rod. Its innovation lies in : transmission mechanisms were simplified to the maximum extent ,increase moves the controllability of the trip ,high precision, reliable stability and low energy consumption, easy maintenance.



Controlled feeding machine

Max weight lift: 15 T/r

Move speed: 6r/min

Motor power: 3-7kw

Designed weight lift : 3-15T









Multi-station machine translation driven by hydraulic motor


In relation to the design of heavy calibre and heavy workpieces, hydraulic motor is of stable torque, the designed total weight lifting is 10-30T, and the speed is 1-3r/min.


GY-PY-L type,  hydraulic drive device of crankshaft, the drive is hydraulic drive, the move is slow but have a better stability, the cycle time is 2 /min. 



GY-PY-C style, pull shifter ,the drive is hydraulic drive ,the cycle time is 1-3/min.













 Tunnel drying equipment

  1. GY-HG-A  tunnel drying line is made specifically in accordance with customer requirements and practical product demand.



  1. Heated cavity is made with 1.5 mm thick 304 stainless steel or zinc-plated board.

Machine shell as a whole has a high temperature electrostatic powder coating ,high temperature resistant ,corrosion resistant ,not rust features.


  1. The tunnel oven dryer was heated by stainless steel electric heating tube of fin-fin mode, it is easy to operate, of high efficiency and low price.


  1. The tunnel oven dryer was transported by teflon network ,and sometimes by stainless steel or zinc chrome plated rollers.


  1. GY-HG-A: electric appliances part: three-phrase power supply, AC380V, and is of three-phase five-wire mode. Using Taiwan Aideli frequency inverter ,and Taiwan Aideli variable speed motor. Ratio of 0:4.5 meter adjustable. Equipped with gears and transmission chain. Tunnel drying furnace is divided into two sections, each furnace chamber is equipped with a 750w wind wheel motor and 10 inches of half wind wheel to balance the temperature in the furnace.


  1. Controlling part: each furnace chamber is equipped with a separate control box and temperature control system. Temperature can be controlled independently for each paragraph and displays or to set a different temperature. We use the Japan RKC microcomputer intelligent digital display thermostat for temperature control. Vary from room temperature to300℃, controlled by dual thermostat (with maximum temperature thermostat, preventing the went out control of the main thermostat or damage)



  1. GY-HG-A has a intelligent temperature control system for tunnel furnace drying lines. With the function of PID self-tuning control calculus, automatic constant temperature alarm , leakage, over-temperature power failure protection, motor overload protection etc. each section of cavity can be individually controlled ( when the set temperature is reached ,we can turn off any of the heaters, reduce the heating power, to save power), other electrical control circuits are controlled by imported device made by Mitsubishi Zhengtai.




Tunnel drying equipment


Suitable for all kinds of metal tube, like seamless pipe , welded pipe, shaped steel tube ,casted iron pipe, and other similar tubes which have a machining diameter betweenΦ20 and Φ1200mm, the product features beautiful and grand, we are trying to reduce the heat channel while designing , the loss of heat leak is less, the thermal insulation is good, and also equipped with temperature control system, to conserve energy and ensure the uniformity of the drying furnace temperature,  we use hot air circulation, to meet environmental protection requirements, it is equipped with exhaust gas treatment device.



1. Heat energy:  electricity, steam ,gas , fuel oil,

2. Heating method: Convection, radiation, radiation convection

3. Temperature outside the warming room: Not greater than ambient temperature 15 ° c

4. Deviation of temperature fields of furnace body: ≤ ± 5 ℃

 controllable scope: 3~120℃(automatic control)

5. Emission: ≤ 70mg/M3 (xylene)

6. Other parameters designed according to the properties and energy of the workpiece.






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