orthopedic medical polyester casting tape

orthopedic medical polyester casting tape
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Product Description


1.TUV. FDA,CE, ISO13485;ISO9001 Approved.
2. Polyester casting tape
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Kangda Brand orthopedic polyester casting tape which is one new medical bandage substitutes of the plaster bandage /P.O.P bandage is used for orthopedic shaping /moulding, which consists of a knitted fiberglass fabric and water-activated polyurethane resin.





It is one new subtitute of the traditional plaster bandage


Character of new medical bangdage(orthopedic casting tape )


Be used in orthopedic molding and fixing

1  Molding fast

 It begin to mold after opening the package and inmmersing into the water,20 mins later, it can bear weight  , but the plaste bandage need more hours for the complete molding.

2  High hardness and light weight

      More than 20 times harder, 5 times lighter and use less than the traditional plaster bandage

3  Good air pemeability

      Unique kintted net stucture make the bandage many holes in the surface to keep good air ventilation and prevent skin damp,hot&pruritus.

4  Excellent X-ray radiolucence

        Excellent X-ray radiolucence make it convenient to take X-ray photos and to check the bone healing without removing the bandage ,or the plaster need do remove it .

5  Water-proof

         The mositure absorbed percent is 85% less than plaster bandage ,even on the 

       situation of the patient touching the water,it still can keep dry in the injured part.

6  Environment friendly

         Material are environmental friendly ,which can not produce polluted gas after being burn down.

7  Simple operatinon

        Can be done under the room remperature and use the room temperature water and doctor can complete the operation in short time.

8   Can be used in first -aid


Specification and Size

2in     KD002        5.0 cm×360cm     10Rolls/Box
3in     KD003        7.5 cm×360cm     10Rolls/Box
4in     KD004        10.0cm×360cm    10Rolls/Box
5in     KD005        12.5cm×360cm    10Rolls/Box
6in     KD006        15.0cm×360cm    10Rolls/Box

1. Put on the padded covering in the affected body part, and twine with the cotton paper.
2. Wear surgical gloves.
3. Before opening the package, choose the roll of proper size.
4. Immerse the roll in room temperature water for 2-3 seconds and squeeze it 2-3 times.
5. Wrap spirally, overlapping the previous layer by one-half or two-thirds the width of the roll. Just 3-4 layers provide a strong non-weight-bearing cast and 5-6 layers are typically adequate for weight-bearing cast.
6. KangdaCast is sufficiently cured to pervert further molding in 3-5 minutes after immersion in the water. Allow about 10 minutes for sufficient cure and let patients do not move during this time.
7. KangdaCast may be windowed, trimmed or removed with traditional cast saw  equipment.



Please apply the surgical rubber gloves when you operate the product.
When the resin is stuck to operator, please wipe it out with cotton swab with acetone. 

Recommended Amount of Usage

orthopedic medical polyester casting tape 1orthopedic medical polyester casting tape 2orthopedic medical polyester casting tape 3orthopedic medical polyester casting tape 4

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