High tensile wire fence applied for enclosing animals

High tensile wire fence applied for enclosing animals
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Product Description

Zinc or aluminum coating high tensile fence resists rust and remains long
High tensile fence connected with wooden posts for farmland
High tensile fence

High tensile fence is a type of fence made from high carbon steel wire with a carbon content of approximately 0.28%. Compared with low carbon steel wire fence, such fence owns high wire strength, low elongation, small diameter, lighter weight, less prone to sag or break. Thus, high tensile fences are mainly applied for breeding deer, sheep, cattle and other animals.


Strong and remain long. High tensile fences are twice as strong as low carbon fences due to carbon content of 0.28% and not easy to sag or break. It remains over years.
Low maintenance. Zinc, aluminum, or aluminum-zinc alloy protects the fence from rust. Accordingly, low maintenance is needed once protected properly.
Safe and cost effective. High tensile fences are considered safer to protect animals. When installed, post spacing reaches 16.5 feet. So, only few posts are needed.

Item    Horizontal wire number    Inside wire gauge    Top & bottom wire gauge    Stay opening    Fence height
HTFF-1    7    14    12.5    6"    26"
HTFF-2    8    14    12.5    6"    32"
HTFF-3    9    14    12.5    6"    39"
HTFF-4    9    12.5    10.5    6"    39"
HTFF-5    9    12.5    10.5    12"    39"
HTFF-6    10    14    12.5    6"    47"
HTFF-7    10    12.5    10.5    6"    47"
HTFF-8    10    12.5    10.5    12"    47"
Packing: Packed in waterproof paper inside and hessian paper outside.


Contain numerous livestock.
Protect livestock from harm of predators.
Keep animals away from roads and highways.
Preserve forests.
High tensile fences combined with posts enclose livestock.
High tensile fence ideal for enclosing livestock.

High tensile wire fence applied for enclosing animals 1

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