Hydraulic rock split bar

Hydraulic rock split bar
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Product Description

The best choice to replace the explosive mining, hydraulicfracturing rock bar

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XRT  Splitting stick is stone, jade, gold, silver, copper,tungsten tin lead zinc mining best choice.

Split bar power of 6 kW XRT hydraulic power oil station,ultra high pressure inlet, splitting up to 1500 tons (than the actual splitting splitting machine more force) punchdiameter 90mm, splitting depth of 2 meters, 2 minutes cancomplete the splitting process, very high efficiency,operation and maintenance cost very low. Having characteristics of both safety, environmental protection,economic, accurate, flexible. The rock breaking splitting rodera has come, instead of breaking hammer construction,replace the expansion agent and bombs stone mining, minehas been the inevitable trend. Telephone:Yisanersiqilusiqiqierjiu

XRT column static explosion rod is a hole Neizhu hydraulicmodel of static explosion broken rod, belonging to the hydraulic static blasting, first to drill a hole in the rock, and then static load was applied on the hole wall, ruptured orbroken rock. Column type static explosion rod can be used for national defense construction or quarrying and mining industry, concrete and rock breaking and dismounting, can also be used for the demolition of buildings, roads, bridges,foundation of old buildings in reconstruction project.Column type static explosion stick work, can be used to drilland drill hole drilling large aperture hole, hole depth of at least 1-2 meters, then the column static explosion rod is arranged in the play Kong Zhong, start the hydraulic pump,a plurality of hydraulic static explosion head also extendedsplitting hole.

Characteristics: the humanized design of the oil station and the column static explosion rod placed together, easy to transport and mobile, design of oil station, on the ground can be hand push mobile,

Safety design: 13247647729 alloy shell closed and remotecontrol, ensure at the construction site, can be waterproof and dustproof. Column type static explosion great working pressure is high pressure, operated by remote control,ensure the life safety of construction personnel. Inlet design, reduce crack stone time, improve the efficiency ofsplit stone.

Appearance design: XRT column explosive bar appearance design, has applied for a trademark, this design can be used in tandem column explosive rods, increasing splitdepth, can also be a single station and multi use.

Product features: XRT card column static explosion rod and a hydraulic pump station conditions apply: undergroundfoundation engineering, tunnel engineering, power piping and plumbing engineering, quarrying a decomposition.

Advantages are: 1 completed no vibration, no stone splashphenomenon, safety and environmental protection

2 easy to adjust the direction and amount of broken broken

3 super high pressure of imported oil station, stone cracking time control in 1 minutes.

Compared with the traditional 4 bombs blasting construction, low construction cost and high construction efficiency, Tel: Yisanersiqilusiqiqierjiu, a plurality of columnstatic explosion rod can be in hard rock under a minute presplit 6 to 10 cubic meters.

mobile phone : +86 132 4764 7729 , Company contacts :Mr Lv     , QQ 2634076374  , EMAILL:  13043404451@126.com

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