Pressed Wool Felt

Pressed Wool Felt
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Pressed Wool Felt - Produced According to SAE Standrad

Pressed wool felt production is an complex process, in our daily life, if you wash the woolen sweater by hot waters, the woolen sweater will be shrink, harden and solid, this is the basic principle of wool felting, so the pressed wool felt is also called wet wool felt.

Wool fibers have several barbs, which cannot be seen by our eyes. When the wool fibers are treated by hot water process, the barbs will be open and erect. After a continuous process of pressure, moisture and vibration, the barbs will interlock together and form a felting condition. The grade of pressed wool felt is according to the SAE standard, which determines wool content, density and other physical and mechanical properties of the felt.

The pressed wool felt can be supplied in sheet or rolls. It is the raw material of wool felt polishing wheel and wool felt bobs.


  • Material: natural wool.
  • Thickness: 3/64" - 1". Special thickness can be customized.
  • Colors: white, gray, black and other colors can be customized.
  • Width: 60" and 72". Other widths are available.
  • Length: according to customers' requirements.
pressed wool felt specification
Item SAE standard C-F-206G color Wool content Density LBS/SQYD@1" Width Thickness
EPWF-01 F-1 16R1 white 95% 16 60" 1/8" - 1.0"
EPWF-02 F-2 16R2 pink 90% 16 60" 1/8" - 1.0"
EPWF-03 F-3 16R3 gray 85% 16 60" 1/8" - 1.0"
EPWF-04 F-5 12R1 white 95% 12.24 60" 1/8" - 1.0"
EPWF-05 F-7 12R3 gray 80% 12.24 72" 1/8" - 1.0"
EPWF-06 F-10 9R1 white 95% 8.48 72" 1/8" - 1.0"
EPWF-07 F-11 9R2 gray 87% 8.48 72" 1/8" - 1.0"
EPWF-08 F-13 9R4 gray 75% 8.48 72" 1/8" - 1.0"
EPWF-09 F-50 16R1X white 95% 16 60" 1/16" - 3/32"
EPWF-10 F-51 16R3X gray 92% 16 72" 1/16" - 3/32"
EPWF-11 F-55 12R1X gray 75% 12.24 72" 1/16" - 3/32"
EPWF-12 F-55 black 12R3X black 75% 12.24 72" 3/64" - 1/8"
Note: thickness more than 1" can be customized.

Nine pressed wool felt sheets on the white background with different colors.
Pressed wool felt have different colors.

Ten pressed wool felt sheets on the white background with different thickness.
Pressed wool felts have various thicknesses.

A roll of half-spread black pressed wool felt on the white background.
Black pressed wool felt roll.

A roll of half-spread natural white pressed wool felt on the white background.
White pressed wool felt roll.


  • Firm. The fiber barbs are interlocked together tightly and will not unravel.
  • Abrasion resistance. The pressed wool felt has a strong structure which is abrasion resistance.
  • Highly absorbent. The pressed wool felt has outstanding water absorption.
  • Fire-retardant. Wool felt has naturally fire retardant, which enable the long service life and can be used in the flammable areas.
  • Natural and hypo-allergenic. All of the material of wool felt are natural and without any chemical or other harmful element in it.
  • Low noise. Presses wool felt used in the furniture can reduce noise and protect floor.
  • Customized. The thickness, colors and sizes of pressed wool felt can be customized according to the customers' requirements.

The pressed wool felt is widely used in the industrial applications.

  • Pressed wool felt has outstanding abrasion resistance. It is widely used in the polishing industries as wool felt polishing wheel or wool fel bobs.
  • It is widely used as the wool felt sealing products for oil sealing.
  • The pressed wool felt can reduce noise, so it can be made into various accessories used in the furniture as felt furniture padto reduce noise and protect furniture.

A hand is polishing a piece of glass on wool felt polishing wheel.
Pressed wool felt is widely used as polishing wheel for glass polishing.

A gray wool felt nail is installed on the table leg and two another wool felt nails on the floor.
Pressed wool felt can be used in the furniture for skid resistance, low noise and floor protector.

Pressed Wool Felt 1Pressed Wool Felt 2Pressed Wool Felt 3Pressed Wool Felt 4Pressed Wool Felt 5

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