Stainless steel preheater pipe

Stainless steel preheater pipe
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Product Description

First, applicable scope: This product may widely apply in adds the hot water, the oil, the air, the niter salt solution, the acid solution, the alkaline solution and the low melting point metal (aluminum, zinc, tin, Pakistan alloy).
1st, pipeline heater: Mainly uses in installing catches a chill in the pipeline in the air heating system, does wafts the hot air to use. Also may take each kind of drying oven, the electric stove heater element.
2nd, niter salt solution, oil, water heating: Curving will take shape the tubular electric heating part welding will constitute on the flange. Uses in opening wide the type, in the enclosed solution box and the circulatory system heats up uses.
3rd, single end heater: Uses in not being able to heat up in the medium in the beginnings and ends wiring to work, is suitable for the hot core box, shoots in equipment and so on the core machine uses.
Second, performance merit: This product has the structure simply, thermal efficiency high, the mechanical strength good, safe reliable, keen is durable and so on the merit.
Third, product structure: This product is loads the heating wire in the seamless metal tube, the crevice partial closely fills up the good thermal conductivity and the insulation crystallization oxidation magnesium powder but becomes.
Fourth, operating instructions
1st, the working voltage does not have the surplus definite value 10%;
2nd, the wiring are partial should place outside the zone of heating, the heat insulating layer, the outer covering should effectively earth;
3rd, the part should place the dry place. if because the long-term laying aside, the dielectric resistance is lower than 1MΩtime, may bake for 5-6 hour about in 200ºC drying oven, then restores normally.

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