HIFU facial lifting High Intensity Focused Ultrasound machine

HIFU facial lifting High Intensity Focused Ultrasound machine
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Product Description

Ultheropy advantage:

1. without hurt, even you can make up after 15 minutes one finish the treatment
2. One facial treatment take only 40-50 minutes
3. Effect stay 1-2 year(s)
4. Result will be showed at once, more convince.
5. Treatment energy work on collagen, without any harm for epidermic cells



HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) with similar principle as concave lens.
Focus the sound wave to an point to cause high temperature.
It is used to oncotherapy treatment in early date. Now it use to beauty field.
Acoustic focuse on a point under subcutaneous tissue.
3mm: collagen layer and 4.5mm: fascia layer ( SMAS )
Once temperature exceed 65
, the focused SMAS Produce the protein coagulation
responses and cause tensile force around this circle. Promote collagen rebuilding.
New collagen will keep facial lifting and whitening, also remove wrinkle.

HIFU ultrasound treatmenteffect:

To tighten the forehead skin tissue to improve eyebrows muscle
Remove wrinkle around eyes and forehead

Remove acne and scar, shrinkage of enlarged pores
Neck Lift rebuild the firm facial structure

Remove neck wrinkles
Facial lifting, improve skin elasticity


Postoperative care

1. Skin micro red, red dot, mild skin blisters or edema, it is being good after 1-2 days
2. After treatment do a cold( ice) mask or use CRYO to keep temperature down.
3. Late treatment in the treatment of skin, can appear some protruding lines of white lines,
it is the focal point of subcutaneous, is a bit too much energy, no point distance between treatment,
there is the situation with apply ice cooling process back to a week or two
4. May be some protruding and white lines, it is the focus point under skin layer, use ice to make temperature down
5. After the treatment of white line area, small scab skin phenomenon in a second day,
after is the skin temperature shrinkage phenomena, like bubble subsided, will recover naturally
The white lines after treatment, it will appear scab, it is normal. Will be recover soon.

Below people do not allow to use this machine

1. The patients with cerebral hemorrhage
2. Pregnant women:
3. The menstrual period women
4. Facial with wounds
5. Severe type cyst acne
6. Take heart pacemakers, bleeding tendency
7. Use ultrasound to act directly on the exposed brain tissue is prohibited.
8. Malignant tumor, severe brain edema.
9. Intracranial pressure.
10. Suppurative inflammation
11. Skin ulcers should avoid direct contact with treatment hand bar
12. Eye, brain and heart region
13. Have injected hyaluronic acid filler parts
14. Treatment of energy cannot be exceed
15. The same treatment area cannot be repeated two times.
16. To avoid facial nerve


Main machine*1

Cart. hand bar * 1

Power connection line * 1

Instruction book * 1

4.5mm ultrasonic probe *1, activate cells under the dermis ( collagen )

3.5mm ultrasonic probe *1, promote elastin and collagen regeneration

1.5 mm ultrasonic probe *1, dispelling melanin


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