ROYAL CLEAN Tea Seed Powder Hand Soap Removal of Industrial heavy oil

ROYAL CLEAN Tea Seed Powder Hand Soap Removal of Industrial heavy oil
Origin:Made In China
Category:Home Supplies / Personal Care Appliance
Label:hand sanitizer , hand washing , hand soap
Price: ¥35 / pc
Min. Order:100 pc
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Product Description

ROYAL CLEAN natural tea saponin manual hand soap

First, the products mainly Composition

    Natural tea seed powder, baking soda, surfactant, deionized water, and the like.

Second, product characteristics

    Derived from natural, safe and healthy

30 percent of the ingredients are extracted from tea seeds out of the tea saponin constituted from nature, good quality.

    Rapid removal of industrial oil

It can quickly break down the industrial oil, its cleaning power and solubility very powerful. In addition, it also has pharmacological effect sterilization.

    Moderate performance, intimate care

Product PH value of between 6 and 8, in the fast oil, while also skin care, prevent skin dryness, more intimate.

    Green, bid farewell to pollution

Compliance with international environmental standards, non-toxic and more environmentally friendly, does not cause water pollution, the environmental protection to make modest.

    Easy to use, refused to pollution

Optimization package, which the pump head design is more convenient to use, eliminate waste drip affect sanitation.

Third, the product advantages

    Environmentally safe, long-term use of the human body without any damage, normal inhalation and skin contact without adverse reactions; the fire is not flammable, suitable for any workshop plant; solve the traditional washing powder hand washing sand plug sewer issue, so that companies no longer blocked sewer and worry; head limit designed to effectively control part of the lower quality of the staff undue waste; compared with traditional hand sanitizer, disposable can completely remove heavy oil, effectively remove more than 95% of bacteria, as well as moisturizing. Our principle: that the natural environment cost-effective!

Fourth, Scope of application

    Widely used in machine repair aftermarket, metal production, machinery manufacturing, advertising, printing, oil ships, and long-term exposure to a variety of oil and are plagued by environmental pollution industries.

Fifth, Features

    Appearance: natural brown liquid

Odor: natural tea seed fragrance

Sixth, Use Guide

Rotation of the pump head to the front opening, gently press the pump head, according to the amount of this product, repeated rubbing his hands for about a minute, then rinse with water

Seventh, security guide

   This product is outside supplies, not oral.

   As it gets, do not rub, rinse with plenty of water and get medical attention.

   Please place closed in a cool place, away from children.

Eighth, the implementation of standards

QB2654-2004 qualified

Ninth, packaging 1L / bottle

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Member Information

Dongguan HeSheng Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Country/Region:Guang Dong - China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Contact:Lin Li (General Manager)
Last Online:21 Aug, 2015

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