road mat, ground protection mat, access mat , temporary road mat

road mat, ground protection mat, access mat , temporary road mat
Origin:Made In China
Category:Chemicals / High Polymers
Label:road mat , ground protection ma , temporary road mat
Price: US $116 / PCS
Min. Order:100 PCS
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Product Description

 construction road mat/adhesive non-slip walkway pad/gravel mat



Introduction of Xinxing ground protection mat


Ground mat virtually eliminate damage to lawns and landscaped areas and provide traction for 

vehicles operating in mud or sand. XINXING ground mat are easy to use,  they lock into place to 

form a continuous, solid working roadway or platform, and they last for years. Ground protection mat are unequalled for quality and performance under the most hazardous 

conditions.  so it is your best choice when you operate at the hard condiition.




Do not lose their impact strength over time.

Do not absorb moisture and will not swell up over time due to exposure outdoors.

Are flexible, so they will bend but not break under extreme loads.

Are easy to clean due to their low friction surface.

Are safer to use in the field compared to other wood based pads.

Are resistant to chemicals.

Are lightweight.


Where can we use ground mats 

  • construction sites
  • golf courses
  • utilities and landscaping
  • tree care
  • cemeteries
  • oil drilling industry
  • Marsh , wet muddy ground condition . 

Production method


1. Extruded production method


For extruted ground mats ,the size are as follows"







Thickness can be 12.7mm,15mm,18mm,19mm,20mm,25mm

Other customer size is also available

The Min loading weight is 60 tons

Material :HDPE Composite material

For the surface can be right side with type A, surface and back side with type B surface, Also

both size with same surface is ok .


2.Moulded uhmwpe mats 

Type C size :

4500X2000mm      3000X2000mm

  6000X2000mm      3000X2500mm 

 Cleat Height :5mm on both size

 Normal Connections

 Thickness can be 40mm to 100mm

 Min Loading weight : 180 ton

 Material :PE composite material and recycled UHMWPE material

Type D size : 

4500X2000mm      2000X1000mm   3000X1500mm   

3020x1220mm       6000x2000mm    4700x1200mm

 Thickness can be 40mm to100mm

 Min Loading weight : 180 ton

 Material :UHMWPE composite Material


The surface of our ground protection mat



  Find ground protection mats for sale, made from durable, high-density, polypropylene

plastic that will bend but not break. Our ground protection mats are guaranteed to last for

years of service in the field as portable road mats and temporary walkways and are very

easy to install. Protect lawns and grass at your customer's location. These ground protection

mats can be use under heavy equipment and are easy to transport and use. Specially designed

as lawn and grass protection, use for skid steers mats. These ground protection mats for sale

are available as kits, allow several weeks production ship time.


 ground protection mat.jpg

gravel mat 17.jpggravel mat 19.jpggravel mat 44.jpg

 ground protection mat 24.jpg


Ground Protection Mat 31 (1).jpgground protection mat 32.jpg

Ground Protection Mat 9 (2).jpgGround Protection Mat 11 (1).jpg


Performance Data





 DIN (Regulation) 






Weight Density




Melting Temperature




Melting Index

 MFI 190/21.6

 Gr/min 53735


Viscosity Value


 53728-T4 480


Staudinger Index

 Jg Cm3/gr

 53728-T4 480


Water Absorbance %




Mechanical Values

Bending Stress 50mm/min




Tension Stress 50mm/min




Strain Limit %




Tension E-module 1mm/min




Impact Strength 15 deg point




Thermal Values

Dimensional stability LDT/A

 1.8 N/ mm2 Celsius



Expansion Coefficient



 1,4 – 1,7

Thermal Conduction




Electrical Values

Electrical Value 50 Hz

 VDE 0303-T4



Electrical Value 1 Mhz

 VDE 0303-T4



Passage Resistance Ohm x cm

 VDE 0303-T3



Surface Resistance Ohm

 VDE 0303-T3



Ground Protection Mat 0 (2).jpgGround Protection Mat 13 (1).jpg

 ground protection mat 14.jpg

 ground protection mat31.jpg


Q: What is your MOQ of this item

A: 100pcs per style


Q: What is the lead time?

A: It depends on your order quantity.


Q: Is it all right to make customer's own brand name

A: That’s all right to make your own brand name.


Q: Where is your Loading Port?

A: Qingdao.China Port


Q: What are your payment terms

A: 50% deposit and balance T/T before shippment or L/C at sight


Q: What is your company's available production capacity

A: Usually 1000000 pcs monthly. 


Q. Do you only sell to businesses

A. No, we offer the same great competitively priced products to businesses, governments and consumers.


Q. How do I contact you if I have a question or need further assistance?

A. We offer several convenient contact methods. We recommend using Live Chat to contact us. It is the

 quickest and most effective way for us to assist you.

 please add my Skype:xinxingchemical


Q. Can I place my order via telephone or fax?

 A. Certainly. You may call us toll-free at +86-18263036058 or fax your order to +86-534-7074626 


Q. What if I need to cancel my order

A.. Please contact our Customer Service team at +86-534-5215077 


Q. Can you special order a product for me?

 A. We are typically able to special order products for customers.  OEM service .


Q. What is your back order policy?

A. We rarely experience back orders. However, from time to time they may occur and you will be notified

 via email within 24 hours of placing your order.




Q. How much will I pay for shipping?

A.We offer shipping service through our forwarder company ,also client can use their forwarders ,we just

 can provide a quotation for your compare.

 You should choose the way (FOB CIF CFR)yourself .


Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

 A. All orders ship within 6-7 business days. Shipping on the sea takes 20-40 business days. Please refer to

 the product page for estimated delivery times by product


Q. Do you ship to home addresses?

A. Yes, we gladly ship to home addresses and there is no extra charge to do so.if you have express account


Our service


1. Pre Sale 

   Because we have 3 workshops, so we usually have stocks for all items we sell. It means we also can  

offer small samples of all items at any time. And there are also fumigation export wooden pallet and

case available for packing and fast delivery.  


2. On Sale

   We can do little piece product cutting, surface cleaning, edge shaving, size stamping, standard  fumigation

export wooden pallet and case packing and quality inspecting when on sale


3. After Sale

You can always get a solution from us when you have questions after receiving the goods.


More description


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temporary road mat/heavy duty mat


Heavy loading mats /Temporary Roadways/HDPE ground mats/track mats


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track way mats/crane mats/hdpe mat size is 1220mm*2440mm*12.7mm


track way mats/crane mats/hdpe mat size is 1220mm*2440mm*12.7mm


Crane Mats Used for heavier machinery


Temporary ground mats HDPE ground matstrack mats


HDPE temporary crane ground mat for road


plastic ground mat of Hdpe sheet


Non-slip HDPE ground mat for large vehicles polyethylene protection board


Strong stable and uniform surface HDPE Ground Mat


4'x8'x1/2'road track mats


Polyethylene Track Recycled Plastic Traction 


Plastic Ground Protection Track Mats /road mats 


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HDPE temporary ground mat for road/road mats  


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china uhmwpe supplier ground mats/Temporary road


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10mm thick plastic sheet


temporäre fahrbahn panel


gravel mat


high end track mats road mats


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