LED condensation type transparent silicone sealant HT-9901A/B

LED condensation type transparent silicone sealant HT-9901A/B
Model: HT-9901A/B
Brand:And the day
Origin:Made In China
Category:Chemicals / Adhesives & Sealants
Label:Potting , Power supply potting , Waterproof sealant
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Product Description

Condensation type transparent silicone sealant
HT-9901A/B is a double component condensation type transparent silicone sealing material, which can be cured at room temperature, and the deep curing is good. This product before use without other primer, with good bonding results for most materials. Suitable for electronic parts, LED lighting of the fixed, insulation, moisture, waterproof, dust.
One, typical use:
1, electronic parts and insulation
2, electronic accessories and PCB substrate moisture, waterproof.
3, LED display lighting electronics packaging.
4, other general insulation molding.
Two, technical parameters:
The performance index of the HT-9901A component HT-9901B component
Colorless and transparent liquid before curing the appearance of colorless and transparent liquid
Viscosity (CPS) 1000 ~ 180020 ~ 50
Relative density (g/cm3) 1.12 ~ 0.98 ~ 1.02 ~ 0.98
A component: B component (weight ratio) 10:1
Double component condensation type of curing type
Mixed viscosity (CPS) 1000 to 1500
Operating time (min) 30 to 40
Initial curing time (HR) 2 to 4
Complete cure time (HR) 24
After hardness (A Shore, 24hr) 25 + 5
Tensile strength (kgf/cm2) 1
Shear strength (MPa) 1
Line shrinkage rate (%) 0.03
Use temperature range (c) -60 ~ 250
Volume resistivity (CM) 1 x 1015
Dielectric strength (kV/, mm) = 25
Dielectric constant (1.2MHz) 2.9
Thermal conductivity W/ (M - K) 0.2
The range of applications of potting adhesive
The biggest characteristic of good transparency, good weather resistance.
Three, the use of technology:
3.1 prior to mixing, the A needs to use manual or mechanical for appropriate mixing, B should be filled in the sealed state.
Shake the container and then use it.
3.2 when you need to adhere to the application materials, please confirm whether you can attach, and then apply.
3.3 mixed, the general weight ratio is A:B = 10:1, if need to change the proportion, to change the mix
The application of simple experiment. The average amount of B is more, the curing time is shorter, the operation time is shorter.
3.4 in general, filling thickness below 10mm can be naturally defoamed, without further deaeration. If the thickness is.
Large, surface and interior may produce a pinhole or bubble, therefore, should be placed in a vacuum container, in which the mixture is placed in a vacuum.
700mmHg deaeration for at least 5 minutes.
3.5 environmental temperature is higher, the curing is faster, the operation time is shorter. Generally do not recommend heating, so as to avoid the surface and internal
Produce pinhole or air bubble, the effect is beautiful and sealing performance.
Four, note:
4.1 gel time adjustment: change the use of B components can adjust the gel time (to the operating time), increase B
The gel time can be shortened and the amount of time can be shortened. Users can be based on
The actual situation needs to be adjusted within the range of 5%.
4.2 about mixed gum:
After mixing with a, A and B components, it can be used in manual or mechanical stirring mode, which should be avoided when mixing.
Stirring at a long time to produce high temperature (not higher than 38 C), so as to avoid the operation time to shorten and accelerate the curing, resulting in no
And operation.
B, the surface of potting products must be cleaned before pouring in.
C, the use of manual method of mixing should be attached to the bottom of the container and the side of the plastic material to the middle fold into the middle of a number of
(the A component is fully exposed to the B component).
4.3 general low-voltage electrical appliances can not potting potting defoaming, if high-voltage electrical appliances must be vacuum sealing.
4.4 gel and curing agent should be sealed storage. Mixed good adhesive should be used to avoid causing waste.
4.5 this product is a non dangerous goods, but not the entrance and eye.
4.6 this series of glue released low molecular substances during the curing process, the temperature requirements are relatively high (such as 7 days Neikenai 180
Above the temperature of the gel can be used to heat for 5 hours after the gelation of the gel for several hours (the general heating temperature is less than 60, 2 ~
24 hours can be a follow-up to accelerate the curing process, so that the temperature of the colloid is very helpful. Don't want to
Such small molecules are released and used in a fully enclosed electronic component.
4.7 B group is divided into a transparent liquid, with the extension of time, the color may slowly turn yellow or slightly, but not affect
Product use.
Five, packaging specifications: 22KG/ sets (A 20kg/ 2kg/, B plastic bucket)
Six, storage and transportation:
6.1 store in a cool dry place, storage period of 9 months (25 C).
6.2 such products are not dangerous goods, can be transported by the general chemical.
6.3 colloid A, B components are required to be sealed to preserve, be careful in the process of transport leakage!
6.4 products over the period of storage should be confirmed to have no exception after the use of.
The above performance data is the typical data measured in the laboratory environment of the temperature 25, humidity 70%, only for the use of the reference, and can not guarantee the full data in a specific environment, please customers in the use of experimental data as the standard.

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