CHSJ-50/55R HDPE Special ABA Three Layers Film Blown Machine Series

CHSJ-50/55R HDPE Special ABA Three Layers Film Blown Machine Series
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Product Description


CHSJ-50/55R HDPE Special ABA Three LayersFilm Blown Machine adopts special co-extrusion A+B+A film blowing die and hasunique features in the production of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE material.

The physical strength of the film is enhancedthrough multiple-layer co-extrusion; the application of one host machine tosupply materials for inner and outer layers can reduce the configuration of theother host to cut cost, save energy and lower consumption.

      Low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) and linearlow density polyethylene (LLDPE) are new varieties of polyethylene in theinternational market.

      It has advantages of impact strength, penetrationresistance, environmental stress crack resistance, and low temperatureresistance, especially it can be used to make micro-thin films ( the filmstrength of 0.015 mm film is as much as that of 0.03mm high-pressurepolyethylene film).

Because of its low cost, it is widely used inthe production of films. It can blow 3 kinds of polyethylene film including lowpressure, high pressure and linear low density film.

      It can blow films with new materials as wellas reworked plastics with stable performance and reliable quality. This machineset applies a extruder with a special screw structure; advanced screw die head,flexible colling wind ring, and reasonable fixed iris structure can ensure agood proportion of 3 mixed polyethylene materials.

      It is wrong to think that the three-layer co-extrusion machine will result in huge power consumption.
The three-layer co-extrusion machine only needs two hosts: one is for the inner layer and the outer layer (A layer) and the other is for the interlayer (B layer).

     Reworked materials or other affordable materials like 50% calcium carbonate can be used without affecting the strength, weldability, printing properties of the products; and the cooling becomes faster and the yield is higher because of the calcium carbonate or low pressure polyethylene in the interlayer. 


  • The cylinder and screw of this extruder aremade of superior alloy steel through nitrogen treatment and precision finishingwith the optimal hardness and corrosion resistance.
  • Scientifically designed, this kind of screwhas many advantages like high production capacity and plasticization.
  • This machine set is used to blow low-densitypolyethylene (LDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic film toproduce various food and clothing packaging bags, garbage bags and vest bagsfor civil and industrial packaging uses.


  • Reduction box--JiYiDa
  • Main motor--Xinxiang Special Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Feed cylinder screw--Taiwan
  • Temperature controller--WINPARK
  • Low voltage apparatus--DELIXI
  • Button switch--YIJIA
  • Die--Taiwan Zhongkai/Hongtai
  • Heater--Hongtong
  • Traction motor--Wufeng European motor
  • Main motor frequency converter--Veichi Electric
  • Tension frequency converter--Veichi Electric
  • Embossing, winding machine--Wufeng European motor
  • Aluminum guide roller--Guangzhou produce(custom made)
  • Digital torque controller--Xinxing


Special for producing various packing bag of HDPE material. 


Main Technical Parameters

Model CHSJ-50R CHSJ-55R
Diameter of screw 50mm ×2 65mm×2
L/D ratio of screw 30:1 28:1
Main motor power (KW) Level 4 15×2 Level 4 22×2
Heating power(KW) 23.4 25
Film width(folding diameter) 300-800  300-1200 
Film thickness(mm) 0.007-0.05  0.007-0.05 
Extrusion capacity kg/h 98kg 120kg
Maximum rotation speed of screw 120/min  120/min 
Traction speed M 15-70/min  15-70/min 
Winding speed M 30-80/min  30-80/min 
Machine power(KW) 37.5  40 
Overall dimension 4.5×3.2×3.8  4.5×3.6×4.5
Weight 3.5T 4.2T

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