Knitted Wire Mesh Filter

Knitted Wire Mesh Filter
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Product Description

Knitted wire mesh filter, also known as knitted wire mesh gasket, is mainly manufactured of either crochet or knitting of various materials including stainless steel wire mesh, tinned copper mesh, aluminum mesh, etc. At last, they are pressed into different shapes by machine, for instance round, square, cylindrical and gasket. Due to its raw materials and advanced production technologies, this kind of filter features good corrosion resistance to withstand extreme environment and is tough enough with high tensile strength. Knitted wire mesh filters also will not fail in the high temperatures and can be supplied in any sizes and shapes to meet each customer's demand.


  • Material: 304, 316 stainless steel mesh, brass wire and copper wire, monel wire, nickel wire, and alloy wire, etc.
  • Shape: round, square, cylindrical and gasket.
  • Sizes: We can produce various wire mesh filter according to customers' demand.

A round knitted wire mesh filter made of stainless steel material.

KMF-01: Knitted wire mesh filter made of stainless steel material.

Fingers hold a small round knitted wire mesh filter made of compressed stainless steel mesh material.

KMF-02: Knitted wire mesh filter made of compressed wire mesh.

Different shapes of knitted wire mesh filters

KMF-03: Knitted wire mesh filter can be made in different shapes.

Three round knitted wire mesh filters made of black wire mesh

KMF-04: Knitted wire mesh filter in round shape.

Two square knitted wire mesh filters made of wire mesh plated black zinc.

KMF-05: Knitted wire mesh filter in square shape.

Three cylindrical knitted wire mesh filters.

KMF-06: Knitted wire mesh filter in cylindrical shape.

Several filters made of ginned knitted wire mesh, but no compressed.

KMF-07: Knitted wire mesh filter made of no compressed wire mesh.

Fingers hold a small compressed knitted wire mesh filter.

KMF-08: Wire mesh can be compressed into varying shapes to form various kinds of knitted wire mesh filters.

Machine is producing the small knitted wire mesh filter.

All the knitted wire mesh filters produced by automated machine.

Machine is producing the big knitted wire mesh filter.

The machine can ensure the accuracy of the knitted wire mesh filter.


  • Excellent filtration capability.
  • Rigid and high strength.
  • Low cost manufacture using advanced knitting machine.
  • Available in various shapes, round, cylindrical or rectangular, etc.
  • Able to withstand very extreme shock loading.
  • Easy to clean and long replacement cycle.
  • Made of metal materials for high efficient heat conduction.

The compressed knitted wire mesh filters are able to reduce vibration, attenuate sound and dissipate heat. So it is available in cars and tractors, light industry, chemical industry, automobiles and tractors to delete the particles and liquid foam in air. It also can be used in airbag inflator systems, using the compressed uniform knitted wire mesh elements to trap particles from the propellant and to cool the expanding gas.

Knitted Wire Mesh Filter 1Knitted Wire Mesh Filter 2Knitted Wire Mesh Filter 3Knitted Wire Mesh Filter 4Knitted Wire Mesh Filter 5

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