Sanya Park Hyatt Hotel, Hainan, China

Sanya Park Hyatt Hotel, Hainan, China
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BB Intelligent Bio Ethanol fireplace and manual normal fireplace differences :

BB intelligent Bio ethanol fire is our new technology fireplace offer to you.

11. BB intelligent fireplace can connect the telephone lines remote control fireplace switch and shift.In the cold winter, before going home to dial a phone you can advance a pre-open fireplace and home can enjoy BB fireplace bring warm and comfortable. Forget to close the fireplace or out, but also through the above way to turn off the fireplace.

Normal manual fireplace can not be achieved.

12 BB intelligent fireplace can insert a SIM phone card to call or send text messages to a remote switch and shift operations. In the cold winter before going home users can dial a phone or send a text message can be to pre-open fireplace, home can enjoy the BB fireplace bring warm and comfortable. Or out

Forget to close the fireplace and found above way to turn off the fireplace.

Normal manual fireplace can not be achieved.

13 BB intelligent fireplace unique alcohol storage tank design can be 360 ° flip drip alcohol, in case of an earthquake or severe dumping will not drip alcohol does not cause any fire risk.

The normal manual fireplace dumping, then stored inside all the alcohol will instantly will all leak out, is very dangerous.

14 BB intelligent fireplace can be an external LCD LCD screen : the user can choose to install with the LCD display to an external control box, embedded in the fireplace near the walls above, rigged on a more secure, more luxurious appearance.

Normal manual fireplace can not be achieved.

15 The final highlight is the advanced intelligent fireplace combustion devices, the device has been made ​​more than a dozen domestic and international patents. Through scientific and reasonable structure, alcohol passive combustion to become active combustion, the number of transient alcohol consumption in the combustion process and oxygen supply test summary After years of time, and count out the most reasonable mixing ratio of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are to achieve a minimum level. And meet the flame height, color and ornamental.

Ordinary box burning of alcohol and alcohol storage in the same area, so the burning flame basic is subject to the level of impact of alcohol capacity, when the alcohol cartridge inside the alcohol than the full capacity, the height of the flame higher, with the alcohol margin falling flame basic burning in the absence of oxygen, the flame height will continue to reduce the release of carbon monoxide will be getting higher and higher. When the alcohol box storage capacity increased burning a long time may be carbon monoxide poisoning, which is absolutely undesirable.

Throughout the above points, intelligent fireplace has become a substitute for ordinary fireplace. Human technology, the era of intelligent mobile phones, lights, faucets, TV, and even toilet, do the smart users will also set the family safe regardless of the choice of the ordinary fireplace? Contact us immediately.

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