Intelligent low heat Bio Ethanol fireplace

Intelligent low heat Bio Ethanol fireplace
Model:BB 380
Brand:BB fire
Origin:Made In China
Category:Construction & Decoration / Slate, Marble, Granite & Stone / Fireplace
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BB Intelligent Bio Ethanol Fireplace

BB Intelligent Bio Ethanol fireplace and manual normal fireplace differences 2:

2 BB Intelligent core burning fireplace panel temperature does not exceed 70 degrees, does not appear black deformation phenomena such as

Normal Manual fireplace core burning when the panel temperature will exceed 150 degrees, the black discoloration deformation, or even can not fire off the phenomenon.

3. BB Intelligent Bio ethanol fireplace core switch machine can be implemented by button or remote control that is convenient and safe, and open and close when neither will the indoor air pollution caused by;

Normal manual fireplace core with a lighter ignition, and high concentrations of alcohol cartridge inside the alcohol gas, ignition often occurs Baoxiang neither convenient nor safe, and after extinguishing the alcohol will continue at a high temperature the alcohol cartridge inside volatile, and even volatile to the interior, resulting in air pollution.

4 BB Intelligent fireplace is the first and only one NF386 certification through the French enterprise,NF386 is specific certification standards without flue fireplace, the standard is very strict, so did a few through even in the international . This is thanks to Ben Bao fireplace core built-in 10 safety monitoring in case of an accident will sound the alarm and automatically shut down, so that users can worry concentrate on enjoying the fireplace to bring comfort.

Ordinary alcohol fireplace core does not have any security monitoring capabilities will be very safe to use. (European countries have a total ban on sales of ordinary fireplace must comply with the NF386 certification before they can be sold on the market)

5 BB Intelligent Bio ethanol fireplace core built-in carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide detection, indoor carbon dioxide (carbon monoxide) to exceed the targets set by the police and shut down automatically.

Ordinary alcohol fireplace core, excessive indoor carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide will continue to burn, very dangerous.

-Manufactured in accordance with standard NF D35-386 (France), CE and UL Standard

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