WCZ-3 Proton Magnetometer

WCZ-3 Proton Magnetometer
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Product Description

WCZ-3 proton magnetometer is the latest all-purposed digital proton 

magnetometer with dual 32-bit single-chip technology, fastest 

measurement speed, strongest gradient tolerance, and the enhanced GPS 

navigation function.
It apply for moving total field measurement, horizontal gradient 

measurement, vertical gradient measurement and station measurement 

with ±1nT measurement accuracy, and up to 0.1nT resolution.

•   Mineral survey, such as iron ore, lead-zinc ore, copper 

•   Mineral prospecting as mineral ore depth, orientation, 

and ore shape, size and scale  
•   Oil, natural gas survey, related geological structure
•   General survey, local survey and geological mapping 
•   Base station for aerial or marine magnetic survey
•   Fault detection
•   Archaeology 
•   Hydrogeology 
•   Engineering survey, such as pipe prospecting
•   Monitoring earthquake auspice, volcano and other environmental 

•   Small ferromagnetic material prospecting

Main Features:
•   Integrated design ——mainframe designed with built-in GPS 

antenna, GPS module and lithium battery module making operation easier 

and reliable.  
•   High-speed measurement——it only needs 2s from start 

measurement to display data
•   Auto and manual turning support
•   Strong gradient tolerance——it can gain measuring data under 

the environment with a higher gradient. Although the gradient is 

larger than 8000nT/m, the operator can gain the estimated magnetic 

value by the proprietary function of “ESTIMATE”, for later data 

procession and regional assessment. 
•   Comprehensive data quality assessment——through monitoring the 

signal duration, signal amplitude and noise amplitude, give a 

reference for
operator to do data quality assessment and field work adjustment. 
•   Can do total field measurement, horizontal gradient measurement, 

vertical gradient measurement and station measurement (gradient 

measurement need one more set of probe and dedicated probe holder, 

station measurement needs dedicated probe tripod). 
•   Optional gradient measurement mode——instrument supports not 

only traditional single-channel dual-probe separate gradient 

measurement, but also dual-channel dual-probe simultaneous high-speed 

gradient measurement. Among them, dual-channel simultaneous 

measurement mode decreases half time compare to traditional single-

channel separate measurement mode, but need to add dedicated 

measurement channel board (optional). 
•   Complete GPS Navigation function——support import coordinates 

of each points on survey line as text file, also can preset coordinate 

of endpoint of survey line, the instrument can calculate the 

coordinates automatically. Support above 80 kinds of coordinate 

format, such as latitude and longitude, UTM, etc. It can display 

location information and deviation of set points location at anytime.

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