Spring Loaded Plungers, Ball and spring plungers, Knobs, Panel Fasteners Assembl

Spring Loaded Plungers, Ball and spring plungers, Knobs, Panel Fasteners Assembl
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Machine Hardware / Fastener & Fitting
Label:Spring loaded plunge , Captive Screws , Ball Spring Plunger
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Product Description

This's a "quick-access" solution for convenient installation and removal of components, activated with just a short pull. A great solution for limited space applications. Use it as a locator pin in sliding applications or quick-release hinge pin for removable doors or drawers.

Product Features and Benefits
A relatively short retraction stroke about 7.1 mm (. 28") and spring-loaded tension ensures positive engagement/disengagement of plunger in very close quarters. Accentuated head styles provide ample grip.

Retractable pin design permits simplified positioning of sliding components
Hold-open feature enables user to retract plunger and rotate knob 90o to keep pin retracted "Prism" Series plungers enable you to designate specific touch points with color

Available Options

Available in durable bright metallic finish or "Prism" color plastic over-molded models to complement styling or color coding capabilities
Hold-open and non-hold-open versions available
Matching installation tools are available to ensure proper seating of each specific plunger mounting style

Standards and Specifications

Southco Spring-Loaded Plungers provide good strength, with working shear loads of 1340 N (300 lbs. ) in aluminum, 1800 N (400 lbs. ) in steel, and 5400 N (1200 lbs. ) in hardened steel panels

Industry Applications

Automotive, Trucks
Electronic Enclosures
Industrial Enclosures
Vending Machines

Part number series are as below:

A) P56-10-301-20 P56-10-401-20 P56-99-196-20 P56-99-197-20
B) P56-160-000 P56-161-000 P56-170-1-000 P56-170-2-000 P56-171-1-000 P56-171-2-000
C) P56-160-008 P56-161-008 P56-170-1-008 P56-170-2-008 P56-171-1-008 P56-171-2-008
D) P56-160-012 P56-161-012 P56-170-1-012 P56-170-2-012 P56-171-1-012 P56-171-2-012
E) P56-160-013 P56-161-013 P56-170-1-013 P56-170-2-013 P56-171-1-013 P56-171-2-013
F) P56-160-014 P56-161-014 P56-170-1-014 P56-170-2-014 P56-171-1-014 P56-171-2-014
G) P56-260-000 P56-261-000 P56-270-1-000 P56-270-2-000 P56-271-1-000 P56-271-2-000
H) P56-260-008 P56-261-008 P56-270-1-008 P56-270-2-008 P56-271-1-008 P56-271-2-008
I) P56-260-012 P56-261-012 P56-270-1-012 P56-270-2-012 P56-271-1-012 P56-271-2-012
J) P56-260-013 P56-261-013 P56-270-1-013 P56-270-2-013 P56-271-1-013 P56-271-2-013
K) P56-260-014 P56-261-014 P56-270-1-014 P56-270-2-014 P56-271-1-014 P56-271-2-014
L )P56-60-15 P56-70-1-15 P56-70-2-15 P56-71-1-15 P56-71-2-15

Spring Loaded Plungers, Ball and spring plungers, Knobs, Panel Fasteners Assembl 1

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