Medical orthopedic casting tape fiberglass bandage

Medical orthopedic casting tape fiberglass bandage
Model:2inch 3inch 4in
Origin:Made In China
Category:Security & Protection / Lifesaving
Label:orthopedic bandage , casting tape , bandage
Price: US $1 / roll
Min. Order:500 roll
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Product Description

Orthopedic fiberglass casting tape with ISO9001/13489/CE/FDA manufactured in China.


Klida Brand orthopedic casting tape which is one new medical bandage substitutes of the plaster bandage /P.O.P bandage is used for orthopedic shaping /moulding, which consists of a knitted fiberglass fabric and water-activated polyurethane resin.



Characteristics of  Orthopedic fiberglass casting tape with ISO9001/13489/CE/FDA manufactured in China


Product  Description

Orthopedic casting tape is composed by manifold layers of special made fiberglass, which was soaked by polyurethane. Polyurethane material is one kind of block co-polymer which contains soft segment and it is characterize by better viscosity, fast drying time, high rigidness and light weight. Due to better bio-compatibility, polyurethane is widely used in medical fields. Animal study and acute and chronic toxicity test have proved that medical polyurethane is non-toxic and no induced distortion, no local irritation and no allergic reaction.



Highter Strength,Light Weight: More than 20 times harder, 5 times lighter and use less than the traditional plaster bandage. And easier to be cut.

Molding Fast: It begin to mold in 3-5 minutes after open the package and could bear weight after 20 minutes,But plaster bandage need 24 hours for full concretion.

Good Air Pemeability: Unique knitted net sturcture make the bandage many holes in the surface to keep good air ventilation and prevent sking damp, hot or pruritus.

Excellent X-ray Radiolucency: It convenient to take X-ray photos and to check the bone healing without removing the bandage.

Waterproof: The mositure absorbed percent is 85% less than plaster bandage, even on the situation of the patient touching the water, taking a shower, it still can keep dry in the injured part.

Environmentally Friendly: Material are environmental friendly, it will not produce polluted gas after being burn down.

Simple Operation: Room temperature operation, short time, goood molding feature.

Apply for First-aid.



How to Use:

1. Wear the gloves and choose the proper specifications.

2. Use the cast padding or stockinet on the fixed part.

3. Open a bag and take out the cast, DIP in room temperature water at 4-6 seconds and press 2-3 times, take it out and squeeze out the excess water.


4. Wrap the cast spirally according to the need, keep the proper tension. Wrap 2-4 layers at non-weight-bearing position and 4-6 layers at weight-bearing position.


5. Shape the wrapped cast according to the need. The solidify time is 3-5 minutes, 20 minutes later the cast reaches the enough strength.

6. Use the electric cast saw to cut and remove it.





Carton  Size  cm


KCF02 (2inch)

5.0x360 cm/roll


1roll/bag, 10bags/box, 12boxes/ctn

KCF03 (3inch)



1roll/bag, 10bags/box, 12boxes/ctn

KCF04 (4inch)



1roll/bag, 10bags/box, 12boxes/ctn

KCF05 (5inch)



1roll/bag, 10bags/box, 9boxes/ctn

KCF06 (6inch)



1roll/bag, 10bags/box, 9boxes/ctn




2 inch

Childrens hands, fingers, and toes

3 inch

Childrens wrists, ankles, and arms and legs

4 inch

Childrens legs and ankles, adults hands and wrists

5 & 6 inch

Adults arms and legs

Medical orthopedic casting tape fiberglass bandage 1Medical orthopedic casting tape fiberglass bandage 2Medical orthopedic casting tape fiberglass bandage 3Medical orthopedic casting tape fiberglass bandage 4Medical orthopedic casting tape fiberglass bandage 5

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