China supplier tailong speed reducer gear box price for boiler plant GJ-C

China supplier tailong speed reducer gear box price for boiler plant GJ-C
Brand:Tailong decelerator
Origin:Made In China
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Product Description

China supplier tailong speed reducer

gear box price for boiler plant GJ-C


Special appearance and installation dimension: 

QJ-C design

Speed reducer type H H1 A B L I A1 A2 A3 B1 C

Foot bolt hole


GJ75C/I GL-10P/I 320 680 710 1170 284 190 90 265 265 1100 400 6-22X70 According to customer's requirements



400 680 710 1170 366 190 90 265 265 1100 400 6-22X70



435 898 800 1272 400 187 90 310 310 1172 405 6-22X10



1.Horizontal regulating range of the reducer is from 70mm to 120mm,and vertical regulating range is from 80mm to 150mm.

2.Fix the reducer at the extremity against the grate stoker's stretching direetion.When the chain stretching,the reducer can move vertically with the chain grate transmission shaft and tensioning the chains.

3.Data in above from is standard installation dimensions,and can be customized according tgo user's requirements.



Circuits of the motor and operation criteria :

                          Wiring diagram of electromagnetic motor with JD1A-40 speed controller

QJ-C operation criteria

Controller's installation dimensions:132mm x 192mm


Please pay attention:To ensure the electrial motor work properly.please interlock phase line 1 of the control box with the contactor of the motor,doing this can avoid magnetic coils damages in condition when the control box is electrified alone.


Engineer give the operation procedures:

1.Check up the speed controller before powering on:ensure that the knob is at zero position and power supply is switched off.

2.In operation,power on grate stocker first.then switch on the speed controller adjust speed control knob slowly to your desired speed.

3.How to shut down:adjust the speed control knob to zero position,switch off the speed controller,then turn off the grate stoker.

4.When equiped with frequency conersion speed regulation motor or direct current motors etc,in order to avoid undesired damages,please refer to the wiring diagram or instruction manual of the motor to operate.



Overload Protection System:

  • Safety clutch device:Chain grate stokers are easy to become jammed in operation,safety clutch can avoid the possibility to change safety pin,reduce the cost,make the work more efficient.In order to prevent the coal dust,we also add safety mask to the device.
Speed reducer type



10P 16P 20P 30P



60P 80P



Spring diameter Φ3 Φ4 Φ4 Φ5 Φ5.5 Φ6 Φ7 Φ8 Φ9
Length of spring after adjustion 100 95 90 95 95 100 100 95 100


The professional s estion of operation procedures against this system:

1.Add lubricating oil to the joint of the clutch and the input shaft regularly.Doing this can avoid joint rusting,resistance increases,if necessary,remove the adjustment nut,spring clutch,clear the rust and add lubricating oil to make the interface smooth.

2.When a new boiler run the first time,the clutch might disengaged intermittent due to the friction of the chain grate stoker,In this condition,please tight the safety clutch spring,run several minutes and then rune the safety clutch spring to the scope of normal use.

3.When the safety clutch is disengaged in operation,turn off the power supply immediately.check and analysis the cause,fix it before run it again.

4.Most of the clutch disengaging is due to grate stoker jamed by large particles,such as hard coal blooks,cinder etc.Continuous operation for a long time can cause grate stocker rupture or grate stocker pin roll this cases,shut down the machine,check and fix the troubles.

5.In operation,do not compress the spring tightly,doing this may resulting in forced gear running,inevitablely damage gear parts and grate.

  • Safety pin:The belt conveyer drive the outer ring,and the inner ring use the flat key connecting to input shaft of the reducer.The inner ring and outer ring is connected by safety pin.When the speed reducer is overload,the safety pin break down and stop the chain grate stocker. 
Speed reducer type 5P/5PA 10P 16P 20P 30P 40P 50P 60P 80P 100P 130P
Safety pin size Φ0.8 Φ1.0 Φ1.2 Φ1.6 Φ2.0 Φ2.2 Φ2.2 Φ2.2 Φ2.4 Φ2.4 Φ2.4



Operation precedures:

1.Before replacement,check the reson why the safety pin was broken and fix the problem.

2.Turn off the power supply,loose the clamp bolt,pulls out the damp,take out the safety pin and insert a new safety pin,closes the clamp,screw tight the clamp bolt.

3.Long time operatior can cause safety pin broken,please check and replace the safety pin regularly.

4.Nail,iron wire and other particals are prohibited to replace the safety pin,otherwise it may cause severe damages to the machine.


Engineer give the professional installation,adjustmant and maintance s estions:

1.Determine the reducer's position according to the height of the drive shaft of the boiler grate stoker.Ensure that the otput shaft of the reducer and the drive shaft of the grate stocker are aligned,redial deviation should less than 2-3mm,Add calcium-sodium grease to the cross slide coupling.

2.Adjust vertical position of the reducer and the pedestal:fixed the reducer at the extremity against the grate stoker's strectching direction.When the chain elongation,the reducer can more vertically with the chain grate transmission shaft and tension the chains.

3.Adjust the tightness of the belt before operation,deviation between the transverse plane should less than 1mm.Pull the belt to make sure the belt rotate smoothly.

4.After long-running,if you want to adjust the belt,you can loosen the upper and lower scraw nuts,adjust the belt tension.Belt should not be too tight,otherwise it will stretch bending motor output shaft or gear inpt shaft.After you tighten the adjusting nut to prevent motor vibration.

5.Filling 20-30# gear oil to central location,change the oil after three months for the first time,and then change every six months and check the oil lable periodically.

6.Keep the surroundings clean to prevent dust.


Sampling detection by Jiangsu reducer Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center(Authority Testing),ensure the quality before export:

authority testing image.jpg



Our company and workshop:

Tailong Group,located in Taixing city along riverside of the Yangzi River,is a national giant enterprise which Taixing People are proud of.It has developed in one of top 500 machinery industrial enterprises in China,playing a leading role in domestic reducer/transmission indutry.

The dominant product,the reducer is available in decades of series and several hundred thousand specifications.Equipped with advanced modular and dot line engagement technology,we have additionally developed series of high tech products such as TL modular gear retarded machine,TXP modular planet reducer,heavy load modular gear retarded machine,dot line engaged reducer,vertical grinder and edge drive grinder gearbox,joint,open-book,take-up gearbox used for aluminum metallurgy industry,three ring gear reducer,planetary wheel speed reducer,wind driven gearbox,transmission for hydro-power generation,nuclear circling pump driven gearbox,and various special non-standard gearboxes.Tailong Industrial Park has become the largest steel cord production base of national wide.Our wto-vane an threevane Roots blowers and high temperature blower are exported to South East Asia,Europe and America in batches.

Our products are certified with safety marks for mining products and recognized pass lifting industry type test.Tailong brand is recognized as the Chinese famous brand by national industrial and commercial bureau and Tailong reducer is awarded as the Chinese famous brand product.


production line.jpg


The use range of some real images in boiler fields:

boiler gear reducer use ranges.jpg







Some well-known partner of our customers:

partner company.jpg


Q1:What kinds of gearbox can you produce for us?

A1:Main products of our company:

1. Boiler grate speed reducer

2. Helical Gear Box

3. Gear Box

4. Crane Reducer

5. Planetary Gear Box

6. cycloidal pin gear speed reducer

7. Extruder Machine Reducer

8. Three Ring Gear Reducer

9. Sugar Cane Machine Reducer

10. Mixing Mill Gear Box
11. Mill Gear Box

12. Cooling Tower Reducer

13. Gear motor

14. Direct-connected gear reducer

15. Worm Gear Reducer

16. Cylinder Gear Reducer
17. Motorized pulleys

18. Star-wheel speed reducer

19. Brick machine speed reducer

20. Grain and oil machinery speed reducer

21. Backstop for gearbox

22. Soft teeth of gear

23. Moderate-hard teeth of gear

24. Hard teeth of gear, more than one hundred models and thousands of specifications.


Q2: What are the application of the gearbox reducer use?

A2:Products are widely used in ceramic, glass, food, metallurgy, beer & drink, printing and dyeing, textile, petrochemical engineering, warehouse logistics, wood-working machine, environmental protection equipment, printing and packaging, pharmacy, and leather. Products are sold in some countries and regions, such as Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, and it possesses dozens of distributors and after-sale service agents.


Q3: What about the quality control?

A3: We have a perfect QC system for the perfect products. A team who will detect the product quality and specification piece carefully, monitoring every production process until packing is complete, to ensure product safety into container.


Q4: How about the payment way?

A4: 30% payment in advanc, 70% payment before loading.


Other questions,welcome to write a inquiry and have a visit on our factory discuss the detailed business processes by mutual benefit between both of us!

Price Terms:FOB Shanghai
Payment Terms:TT/LC
Packing:in plywood case
Lead Time:15 days after deposit
SKU:500 units
Standards Certificate:ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004
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