Inflatable Spray Booth /Temporary Paint Booth Material : PVC Coated

Inflatable Spray Booth /Temporary Paint Booth Material : PVC Coated
Brand:Inflatable Paint Booth | Inflatable Spray Booth
Origin:Made In United States
Category:Textile & Leather / Textile Materials / Others
Label:Inflatable Booth , spray booth , paint booth
Price: US $5500 / set
Min. Order:1 set
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Product Description


Most popular inflatable paint booth here, worldwide free shipping. High quality of inflatable spray booth is deserved for you.

The product is an effect mobile inflation paint booth using a air supply unit and industry standard filter media both on the input and exhaust.  Space can be saved by inflation paint booth .The big inflatable work shelter is very easy to set up  If any requirement about size,color and logo printing,please contact us.

Material : PVC coated



Color :white

Accessories:air blower

Package :Strong PVC Bags

Package:Bubble wrap inside Cloth bag inside and carton outside

MOQ : 1piece

Where Used for:Promotions,advertisement,event ,square,performance , amusement park,rental business.

How printing logo as per customer’s requirement

2.Small investment,high come

Sample time: one week after received the sample fees,we can produce it as client’s requirements.

Client’s design,size will be available.

Strong hooks and sand bag will be provide for the tent .

Transparent windows can let the fresh air,sunlight flowing into tent.

Usage: It is ideal choice for trade show, events , supermarket sales .It s easily assembled and transported.

System and Method for Maintaining Airflow within an Inflatable Booth

An advanced cure paint spray booth in which a high volume flow of air is directed over the surfaces of a freshly painted workplace such as an automobile to accelerate drying. A squirrel cage blower or other high volume blower directs a flow of spray booth air through a plurality of nozzles to flow over the surfaces of the workplace. The nozzles are individually aimed at surface areas on the workplace by placing a handle of a directional light source in a nozzle air passage and manipulating the handle to simultaneously direct the light beam and the nozzle at the surface area to be dried. A plurality of nozzles, an air handling manifold and a blower may be formed into a module which is easily retrofitted to existing paint spray booths. When a plurality of modules are mounted in a spray booth, the modules may be independently controlled for increasing air flow only on a a painted area of a workplace.


Q: Can I use it outdoors?

A: Yes,  inflatable cabin is waterproof, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Q: How does your cabin stay inflated inflatable

R: There is a 750 watt blower providing air to keep the inflated inflatable booth, now, we have a sealed cabin that can keep inflation within a week without fan.


Q: I can heat and cool the unit?

A: Yes, the unit can be heated and cooled.

Q: Does the unit comes in different sizes?

A: Yes, our common sizes are 10 * 5 * 3 m 8 * 5 * 3 * 4 * 8 m 3 m 6 * 4 * 3 m. If you have your own size in mind, we can do it for you!

Q: lighting needed?

A: Cabin has four huge inflatable transparent windows, this allows you in a broad daylight. If you feel you need more, highlight the lights can be placed outside the unit and routed through the transparent panels.


Q: How to avoid getting excess in the pvc?

A: We recommend two products to help prevent excess coating the interior. 3 m Trap dirt floor can be placed in the base and a thin layer of 3 m Base cabinet coating can be sprayed inside the cabin on the walls. Regular maintenance with a little soap and water also keep the inside clean work station

Q: How durable is your inflatable booth?

A: indeed very robust. If you do not cut the unit it can be repaired very quickly and easily, similar to repair a punctured tire.

Q: How long it takes to inflate and deflate the inflatable booth?

A: Inflatable cabin inflates in less than two minutes and deflated in less than ten minutes.

Q: What is the Watt Volt and fan are used?

A: watt of our stand is 750 W and 1100 W (depending on cab size). we will adjust the volts in your city /

Q: Can a person move the unit on your own?

A: Yes, the large 10 m * 5 m cabin can be easily moved by one person, they are portable.

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Inflatable Spray Booth /Temporary Paint Booth Material : PVC Coated 1Inflatable Spray Booth /Temporary Paint Booth Material : PVC Coated 2Inflatable Spray Booth /Temporary Paint Booth Material : PVC Coated 3

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Inflatable Paint Booth | Inflatable Spray Booth
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