Woven Wire Field Fence Galvanized Steel Mesh

Woven Wire Field Fence Galvanized Steel Mesh
Origin:Made In China
Category:Metallurgy , Mining & Energy / Metallurgy & Mining / Wire Mesh
Label:Hinged Joint fence , Sheep wire fence , stock fencing wire
Price: US $0.38 / meter
Min. Order:1000 meter
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Product Description

Field fence is designed to withstand stock pressure in specific grazing applications. It also known as sheep netting, sheep fence and woven wire fence, are offered in a wide variety of heights and styles that feature graduated spacing that starts with narrow openings at bottom which prevents the entry of small animals. 

Now, we have two type of field fence for customers choose: mild steel field fencing is still used is many agricultural fencing applications across the worldwide. Although high tensile fencing is now generally preferred, mild steel fencing may still be suitable in certain situations. High tensile woven wire fences are more expensive but will not sag or stretch as readily as standard woven wire. They are more resistant to rust and are considerably lighter in weight. Less fence posts are needed with high tensile woven wire.

Quality of our field fence:

1)traditional hinge joint type for light and budget fencing solution;

2) fixed knot high tensile fence, mainly use for heavy animals( goat, cattle, horse, deer, so on) and where security fencing required;

3) 2.00mm/1.80mm  normal hot dip galvanised wire 40-60g/mm2 for light and budget solution;

4) 2.50mm/3.00mm  heavy galvanised wire 240-270g/mm2 for premium farm fencing 


Technical Specification:

Stay wire spacing : 5cm to 60cm

Wire thickness: 1.80mm to 3.40mm

Tensile strength of stay wire: 450-750n/m2;

Tensile strength of horizontal wire: 750-900n/m2 for middle steel and 1200-1250n/mm2 for high tensile fence;

Height: 60cm to 240cm

Roll length: 25m to 200m

Fence Size:   5/60/15,  6/80/15cm, 8/80/15cm, 8/90/15cm, 8/100/15cm, 10/120/15cm, 13/120/15cm, 12/150/15cm, 10/150/15cm, 13/190/15cm, 17/200/15cm 

8/80/30cm, 7/90/30cm, 8/115/30cm, 10/120/30cm, 12/150/30cm

(Note: 6/80/15cm it means the fence height is 80cm, have 6 horizontal wire and vertical wire spacing is 15cm)

Woven Wire Field Fence Galvanized Steel Mesh  1Woven Wire Field Fence Galvanized Steel Mesh  2Woven Wire Field Fence Galvanized Steel Mesh  3Woven Wire Field Fence Galvanized Steel Mesh  4Woven Wire Field Fence Galvanized Steel Mesh  5

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