Mold electrolysis ultrasonic cleaning machine

Mold electrolysis ultrasonic cleaning machine
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Product Description

LEO-300 series is designed to provide fast, easy & most effective cleaning. It is being applied almost everywhere by big and small workplace alike. It offers users impressive versatility for use. It also provides the speed and effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning power with the convenience of plug-in-anywhere operation.  It can be used with most of aqueous cleaning agents or with your favorite non-flammable cleaning solution.  Use water or other solvents depends on the type of contamination as well as the work piece.  With an appropriate solvent can help to remove general soils, oils, light greases, tarnishes and oxides even more efficiently.  
LEO-300 series is available in two frequencies, 40 kHz and 46 kHz to meet your requirement of cleaning applications. Generally, 40 kHz is preferred for large massive parts or parts which are more densely packed. The higher 46 kHz frequency is often used for smaller, more intricate parts or components with complex outlines. 

This series is ideal for use in a wide range including scientific labs, industrial manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, medical and dental labs, jewelry manufacturing and auto industry.
◎ Efficiently remove gas, carbide, sulfide, mold release agent, resin residue, toner residue, etc. in the mold surface and cavity.
◎ Non-corrosive, no hurt the mold, mold body, saves time, labor, cost, safety, efficiency, and improve product yield.

Scope of application:
Various types of precision molds such as injection molding, blow molding, stamping, etc.
Advantages:Working Principle:

Use a special electrolytic cleaning solution, using electric energy. When the current passes through the electrolyte, under the inta eraction of the positive and negative electrodes, a chemical reaction occurs, causing decomposition, causing the dirt to be peeled off on the surface of the object to be cleaned and generated by ultrasonic cleaning is used in Cavitation effect, which removes the dirt from the deep micro-holes, is the fastest and most effective way to clean and maintain the body.
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