Funtional wet towel wipepva chamois cleaning cloth

 Funtional wet towel wipepva chamois cleaning cloth
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PVA chamois cloth is a synthetic product,made from PVA and other material by high temperature cooking.It’s famous for high absorbent,durability,softness,e-co friendly,beating traditional cotton and attracting more and more people nowadays.

1) Made of PVA material and other special materials
2) Can be used as towel, comfort texture, gentle and smooth surface, no cotton ball
comes out after long use
3) Super absorbent makes it ideal for cleaning
4)Will not drip even when full
5) Can be used as sport towel, face towel, bath towel, and pets dry towel
6) Can be used for auto cleaning, home cleaning ,hair drying 
and removing make-up
7) Can also be used as present, gift and promotion things
8) Pressed designed PVA chamois and PVA chamois


1.Soft,gentle,comfort and smooth feeling for protecting skin.

2.2°C cooler than air,consistently cooling in wet,it can cool you down when hot.

3.Absorbent 9 times higher than common towel,superior dry and cleaning tool.

4.Durable,anti-tear and machine washable.

5.Disinfection and Sterilization before packing,anti-bacteria,mold proof,odor proof,hygienic and safe.

6.No fade,lint free,no water trace.Totally suitable for car or glazing washing.

7.E-co friendly and environmental PVA material,which is degradable.

8.Portable and trendy.

9.Customized order:As a DIY gift or propaganda vehicle for spreading your logos.

10.Chamois Towel has been widely used in auto parts,beautify market,pet caring,daily cleaning,etc.,which means that it’s application scope is so wide that there is a large market awaiting you.


1.Cleaning field:

As a durable,safe,environmental and mildew-proof cleaning treasure,not only widely used for household cleaning and scrubbing also popular in car washing field for it’s soft touch and lint free.Using our chamois towel,there will not be any water marks.

Differentiate from common towel,all of our PVA chamois towel are sold after disinfection and sterilization.So they are fully clean and hygienic to be used for make-up removing and cosmetology.

2.Drying field:

Water absorption capacity is 8 times more than ordinary,suitable for electrical appliances cleaning and drying safely;Soft touch for drying pets,baby,hair with superior effect.

3.Cooling field:

Our chamois towel is 2°cooler than air,absolutely applying for all outdoor exercises like cycling,hiking,running,swimming,etc.It will cool you down in a second when you hot and tired after sports.Since it’s portable,it also becomes the first choice for business travel.

4.Gift field:

As a special towel with superior effect,it will be a useful and meaningful gift for your friends and customers.With customized logos,it is also a good propagandist for your business.


Usage,Maintenance and Attention:

1.Soak and rinse our new chamois towel in water for 10s.

2.Smoothing the towel flat,keep it forced evenly and wipe lightly,do not go back.

3.Use it below 70°C.

4.It can be used and cleaned with neutral detergent when it gets sticky by oil or greasy dirt,just remember to keep water below 65°C.

5.It will get hard after use and dry for avoiding bacteria growth,which will never influence it’s effects,just soak it in water for a minute,it will get soft instantly.

6.Keep it wet after use;Saving after drying it out if long time no use.

7.Do not expose it in the sun for a long while.

Customer-Oriented Positioning:

1.With the development of economic and society,people’s living standard are improved,PVA material are found and applied to most of cleaning products since it has numerous of advantages that beat traditional sponge products and accepted by more and more people.

2.Thanks to the advanced network technology,E-commerce platform spread all over the world.Additionally,traditional supermarkets,factories,stores,etc such as these of channels are much enough for distribution.

3.As consumables and new popular daily cleaning necessities,whose function covers a wide scope,there will always be a great market demands from the whole world.

4.Superior quality and reasonable price will be always popular with people.








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