Insulating exterior wall panel wall panel

Insulating exterior wall panel wall panel
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Price: US $20 / Square met
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Product Description

2. Panel is the protective layer of the insulation layer, but also the bearing body. Different materials of the panel, determines the insulation decorative one of the applicable areas of the board. Factory selection of high quality inorganic resin plate, can be divided into calcium silicate board and fiber cement board.

Calcium silicate board is a kind of siliceous material (main component is SiO2, such as quartz powder, fly ash, diatomaceous earth, etc.), calcium material (the main ingredient is CaO, such as lime, calcium carbide, cement, etc.) Reinforced fiber materials, additives, etc.

by a certain proportion with the copy or molding, autoclave curing and other processes made of a new type of inorganic building materials, and fiber cement board refers to the cement as the basic materials and adhesives, To mineral fiber cement and other fibers as a reinforcing material, by the pulp, forming, curing and other processes made of sheet metal.

These two materials are national A-class fire-resistant materials, is a good performance of new construction and industrial sheet, the fire, moisture, heat insulation, anti-moth, durability are good, can be applied to all areas.

Panel size:1220mm*2440mm, 1220mm*3000mm、1220mm*4800mm

Thickness: 6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、15mm、

Can be cut on demand for custom sizes. The surface is the decorative layer, and insulation decorative one board can be painted surface layer of real stone paint, imitation stone paint, fluorocarbon solid paint, fluorocarbon paint, with a professional R & D team can be customized.

Second、Horizon production process:

The first step, panel processing

Select the substrate material, thickness, density, according to customer requirements for procurement, the following to our factory using high-density calcium silicate board (1.4g / cm³, 6mm) as an example. Plate into the factory is the first hurdle quality inspection, excluding density unqualified, damaged, the size of the plate is not up to standard, in strict accordance with the flatness of the board error ± 1mm, diagonal error ± 2mm national standard requirements for inspection. And then use the professional sanding machine for surface sanding, sanding to ensure the smoothness of the surface film. Finally, the surface UV treatment, which can prevent the destruction of moisture on the plate to improve the useful life of the plate.


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