Ruizhou Technology - Vibration Knife Cutting Machine

Ruizhou Technology - Vibration Knife Cutting Machine
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Product Description

Ruizhou Technology - Vibration Knife Cutting Machine

1、 Product Introduction:
◇ [Non laser cutting, non burning, non discoloration, no odor, ultra-high frequency vibration knife cutting technology, vibration knife cutting cold cutting, smooth and flat edges, beautiful appearance, no need for secondary trimming].
◇ [For the cutting composite material industry]: prepregs, dry fabrics, and multi axial fabrics of carbon fiber (CFRP), glass fiber (GRP), aramid, Kevlar, basalt fibers, and other materials; KT board, honeycomb board, acrylic board, plastic board, Flexible materials such as PVC soft glass, sponge, fireproof cotton, etc.
◇ [Including] - Six functional modules: data collection, design, paper grid output, sampling, layout and material calculation, and production cutting
◇ [High tech]: Ultra high frequency vibration knife technology achieves perfect cutting.
◇ [High speed]: Cut a circle with a diameter of 100mm in just 5 seconds.
◇ [High efficiency]: Without the need for cutting dies or die-cutting machines, it can complete various material die-cutting, punching, and forming work, saving a lot of manpower, cutting dies, and equipment costs.
◇ [Wide coverage]: Effective cutting range (mm): 1800 * 1300, this processing area covers many industries and materials, and most materials can be cut
◇ Draw lines, draw, annotate text, indentation, half cut, full cut, all in one go. Meet the production goals of small batches, multiple orders, and multiple styles.
A programmable multi axis motion controller with stability and operability reaching the leading technical level at home and abroad.
The cutting machine transmission system adopts imported linear guide rails, racks, and synchronous belts, and the cutting accuracy fully achieves zero error in round-trip origin.
Friendly high-definition touch screen human-machine interface, easy to operate and learn. Standard RJ45 network data transmission, fast speed, stable and reliable transmission.
Widely used in the shoe industry, clothing industry, composite materials, l age industry, automotive industry, advertising and printing industry, electronics industry, decoration industry, furniture industry, etc.
2、 Seven product advantages:
(1) Using vibration knife cutting technology, there is no need to make knife molds.
(2) Multi functional cutting machine head design, highly integrated with multiple sets of processing tools, achieving one-stop operation.
(3) Can complete template cutting that is difficult, complex in style, and cannot be achieved by the cutting die.
(4) The powerful material arrangement and calculation system can achieve automatic material arrangement and accurate calculation, truly realizing the digital zero inventory strategy.
(5) By using a projector or camera to capture the contours of leather, defects in leather can be effectively identified.
(6) By accurately simulating various operational processes through computers, programmatic operations can be achieved.
(7) It can achieve timely modification of templates, saving time in development and prototyping.

Payment Terms:30% advance deposit, 60% shipment payment, and 10% payment upon completion of acceptance
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