Factory direct (PVA) polyvinyl alcohol ultrafine pulverizer

Factory direct (PVA) polyvinyl alcohol ultrafine pulverizer
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Product Description

Working principle and features:

PVA cryogenic crusher consists of silos, mechanical crushers, induced draft fans, cyclones, vibrating screens, automatic feeders, liquid nitrogen tanks, etc.


(1) Working principle:

The polyvinyl alcohol ultrafine pulverizer system uses liquid nitrogen as a cold source, the pulverized material is cooled at a low temperature to achieve embrittlement and is easily crushed, and then enters the mechanical pulverizer chamber through the impeller at a high speed, the material and the blade, the tooth plate, and the material Repeated impacts, collisions, shears, and frictions between the material and the material can achieve a comminution effect: the crushed material is classified and collected by an air sifting and grading machine: the material that has not reached the fineness requirement is returned to the hopper. Crushed, most of the air-conditioning is returned to the silo for recycling:


(2) Features:

In the process of material pulverization, the PVA cryogenic liquid nitrogen pulverizer system forms a closed circuit circulation system for the cold source to make full use of energy and save energy: the temperature of the cold source used for pulverization can be reduced to negative 196 degrees, according to the material Embrittlement point temperature, in the smashing process, its temperature can be controlled, choose a good crushing temperature, reduce energy consumption: crushing fineness can reach 10-700 mesh, even to micron μ fineness: use liquid nitrogen as a grinding medium to achieve ultra-low temperature Crushing, explosion-proof materials, anti-oxidation and other comprehensive effects:


2. Use range:

The PVA cryogenic crusher system is used in various materials that cannot be crushed at room temperature and is widely used in various chemical, petrochemical, machinery, shipbuilding, automotive, electronics, clothing, coatings, printing, engineering plastics, and rubbers. , ultra-fine grinding of thermoplastic materials, food industry (chili powder, pepper, etc.), Chinese and Western medicines, etc.:

3. The main technical parameters:


(1) Crusher Studio Diameter φ250mm

(2) Crusher power: 7.5KW

(3) Working medium: liquid nitrogen

(4), working temperature: 0 degrees to negative 197 degrees

(5) Smash fineness: 10-1000 mesh (to achieve micrometer μ)

4. Low-temperature crusher complete equipment process configuration:

Liquid nitrogen tank, silo, mechanical crusher, induced draft fan, primary cyclone ejector, air flow rotary screen, automatic feeder:

5. Remarks: Jiake mechanical ultra-low temperature crusher (also known as cryogenic crusher, liquid nitrogen crusher and cryogenic crusher, etc.)

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