LANTAI microwave vacuum food dryer machine for fruit ,vegetable

LANTAI microwave vacuum food dryer machine for fruit ,vegetable
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Price: US $7000 / set
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Product Description

Microwave drying : Water molecule is polar molecule, it will change its polarity and friction motion caused by the effect of high speed change of high frequency electormagnetic field. Then the microwave electromagnetic filed energy can be converted into heat energy and achieve the purpose of drying. Due to the strong penetrability, microwave can heat up the material outside and inside simultaneously and evenly, so that won't appear the  condition that the outsie dry but inside wet. The formation of body heat source state shortens the time of heat conduction and save a lot of drying time.

Microwave sterilization:Microwave sterilization temperature is from 70℃~105℃, period is from 90 seconds to 180 seconds. Microwave thermal effects can change the bacterial protein and make bacteria to die owing the loss of nutrients, reproduction and survival.Meanwhile, Microwave eletromagnetic field can make normal growth and stability of the genetic breeding of bacteria nucleic acid【RNA】 and deoxyribonucleic acid【DNA】 number of hydrogen bonds slack, breakage and recombination, thereby inducing genetic mutations, chromosomal aberratiuons and even rupture.


1.Low-temperature and high-efficiency
2.Heating evenly and thoroughly
3.Control simply
4.Improve quality, the dehydrated will not be oxidized 
5.Keep the primary color and taste, more than 85% nutrients
6.Energy conservation and environmental protection

1. The magnetron is equipped with a new type of water-cooled jacket;
2. Transformer oil-return continuous cooling;
3. Magnetron connection tube and transformer connection tube both use copper pipe (to prevent oil leakage );
4. Water and oil circuit using centralized heat transfer cooling (long-term operation temperature of the magnetron does not exceed 55 degrees, the long-term operation temperature of the transformer does not exceed 50 degrees);
5. Transformers, high voltage capacitors and silicon reactor installed for the closed structure, with moisture, dust double protection.
6. All electrical control appliances and wires are provide by the "3C" certified suppliers.
7. The control system uses PLC conjunction with touch screen fully automatic control. Therefore, our equipment can be 30 days without downtime for normal work!

Our Promise
1.Feedback within 24 hours. 
2.Free customized layout and install design.
3.One year warranty for whole machine. 
4.Best prices as we are a manufacturer. 
5.OEM and ODM is acceptable.

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