Shandong qufu dongfang steel structure engineering co., LTD

Shandong qufu dongfang steel structure engineering co., LTD
Model:二级施工 乙级设计
Brand:China steel structure engineering corporation
Origin:Made In China
Category:Construction & Decoration / Building Steel & Structure
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Price: ¥300 / pc
Min. Order:30 pc
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Product Description

Shandong Qufu DongFang Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the world cultural celebrity Confucius's hometown ---- Oriental holy city of Qufu, is the national Ministry of Construction approved set of truss, steel structure, curtain wall, pipe truss, membrane structure design, processing and installation in one of the large-scale steel enterprises, can provide steel structure, grid, curtain wall, pipe truss construction engineering level B design qualification. The company has a complete steel structure, grid and tube truss automation production line, steel structure, grid, pipe truss output of more than 3 million tons. The company's main bolt ball grid, welding ball rack, stainless steel rack, gas station, stadium awning grid grid, grid, grid charging station workshop, coal storage, cement plant, solar grid support grid design and processing of various types of network engineering production, installation, sales and R & D. Shandong Qufu Dongfang Engineering Co., Ltd. is a member unit of China Space Structure Association and member unit of China Building Metal Association. All products are certified by ISO9001 international standard quality management system. The company has more than 600 employees, including 160 engineers and technicians who are engaged in designing and processing steel structures, curtain walls and pipe trusses, and the factory area is about 30 thousand square meters. Our company has international advanced level of grid design system, intersecting truss design software and other design software, and grid, light steel structure, steel pipe intersecting pipe blanking, bending and welding all achieve automation or semi-automatic.  Shandong Qufu Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd, technology and management advantages in manufacturing precision of advanced equipment, process specification, high quality of construction team, the company has excellent technology, build a scientific and complete quality assurance system, to ensure the quality of internal and external steel structure, grid, curtain wall engineering, pipe truss. Because of its deep management foundation, advanced equipment and technology, Shandong Qufu Dongfang truss company was awarded the Shandong construction quality integrity AAA grade excellent construction enterprise in 2014 by Shandong quality integrity business supervision and Management Association. In recent years, Shandong Qufu Oriental Engineering Limited company to rely on scientific and technological progress and innovation, not only become a brilliant domestic grid, steel structure and curtain wall construction industry star, and the company continue to explore overseas markets, products are exported to overseas network, gradually formed the mode of development of domestic and foreign sales of diversification, and constantly the introduction of foreign advanced production technology and management innovation, in order to better undertake large-scale spatial structure engineering at home and abroad has laid a solid foundation. At present, Shandong Qufu Dongfang Engineering Co., Ltd. is strengthening business management and constantly innovating, striving to create domestic innovative and full energy steel grid curtain wall enterprises, and continuously provide quality and professional services for the vast number of new and old customers. Mainly engaged in the project: 1. undertake various professional network engineering and bar grid processing (such as: plant grid, coal storage, gas station grid, grid, grid roof wall lighting grid, grid, grid stadium Gymnasium) 2. serves a variety of high-quality network accessories (bar, bolt, high strength bolt, welding ball. Nuts, sealing plate, cone top). 3. light steel structure, steel structure design, manufacture and installation. 4. bolt ball net frame, welding ball net frame, stainless steel net frame, whole process design, manufacture and installation service. 5. truss steel structure surface treatment: shot blasting, sand blasting, spray, spray, spray zinc aluminum and other anti-corrosion construction technology. 6., construction of single and multi-layer heavy-duty steel structures, steel trusses, grid works and spherical shell grids at home and abroad, including industrial plants, exhibition halls, supermarkets, gymnasiums, airport terminals, storehouses, stations and toll stations. 7. design and install service for all kinds of glass curtain wall, aluminum sheet curtain wall and ceramic panel curtain wall. 8. professional design and installation of various kinds of antique steel structure engineering, the construction experience is rich, all kinds of antique steel structural members are fine and graceful. 9. professional design and installation of all kinds of membrane structure engineering. All kinds of membrane structures, such as membrane structure of stadiums and stadiums and stadiums and stadiums and the membrane structure of toll stations, etc. 10. kinds of production and installation of steel structure of bridge and Bailey, Bailey truss, pin, supporting frame, strengthening chord, beams and other products can be widely used in the construction of Zhanqiao, supporting rack assembly, gantry crane, hanging basket construction engineering company has many years of foreign steel structure, grid, curtain wall engineering construction experience for American Standard India, standard, European standard and other foreign construction drawings understanding in place, processing, on-site construction can be fully in accordance with the requirements of foreign owner and supervision company. According to the customer's request, we can quickly organize the construction staff to go to the overseas construction site! There are friends from afar awfully! Oriental Engineering people invite friends from all walks of life to Qufu tourism, to guide the work of my company business negotiations. Contact: Li Jibo manager 24 hours sales service Tel: +86 0537-4419445 +86 13176194948 15666244483 15863724010 15668140809

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Shandong qufu dongfang steel structure engineering co. LTD
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